New emigration record predicted for 2018

2015 saw the highest emigration from South Africa since 2000. A quarter of emigrants who’ve left since 2000, did so in 2015. In 2014, the proportion was 11% and in 2013 it was 9%.

Holiday cruise beckons for SA tourists

Ocean Cruising can be likened to the Babotie of holidays –  loved by those who have done one, dismissed erroneously by those who haven’t yet.

Jersey: A Valued Partnership

Jersey Finance is delighted to be hosting a series of 2017 private wealth focused events in South Africa this November. Entitled ‘Jersey: A Valued Partnership’, these events will take place in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Is another tech bubble brewing?

With global technology stocks enjoying strong returns, the big question is whether another tech bubble is brewing? While some market analysts say ‘yes’, Gerrit Smit of Stonehage Fleming has a different view.