Leadership: Our greatest enemy is the one within

A striking feature of a British university education, which I have been fortunate to enjoy, is that it encourages deep critical analysis, not only of the world and theoretical constructs but of yourself. A reflective habit is built up and encouraged at postgraduate levels, the idea being that perfection at work is never attainable and … Read more

labour relations

New dawn for SA labour relations – old political alliances in tatters, businesses have stopped rolling over

Labour relations is rarely out of the spotlight for a country where its unfortunate history and lingering socialist dogma bedevils progress to a modern economy. So while the realities of the changing world has turned trade unions worldwide into shadows of their former selves, in South Africa they continue to enjoy monopolistic power over wage … Read more

How to manage difficult young people: Insights on Millennials vs Baby-boomers

 Are your youngest employees really so different from your more mature colleagues? Although South African HR expert Natalie Maroun highlights some important differentiators in this blog, she emphasises that it is more effective to focus on similarities. Millennials and Baby-boomers have much in common, says Natalie. Although Millennials grew up in a social media environment … Read more