Hope at the end of a dark tunnel

Loadshedding has been at an all time high since it first began as far back as December 2007. What this indicates is an unwillingness by leaders at the highest level to understand and respond to challenges facing the local energy and electricity sectors, and to adapt accordingly. While this may be a cause for concern it should also be a cause for optimism because imagine if we were doing all the right things but were still stuck in the mess we’re currently in? This points to the faint glimmer of hope within our grasp. Chris Yelland breaks it down in the article below first published by MyBroadband. He highlights the substantial challenges we should be addressing, and, in so doing, understanding the significant opportunities that exist by addressing some of them – from energy policy all the way to pricing and crime. – Asime Nyide

Here’s the link to Chris Yelland’s story on MyBroadband: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/energy/475335-all-hope-is-not-lost.html

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