BNC#6: Herman Mashaba – Election’24 the most pivotal since 1994

In his keynote address at BNC#6 in Hermanus, Herman Mashaba – once a capitalist, now a politician – highlighted South Africa’s upcoming elections, the most pivotal since 1994. He discussed his own journey from entrepreneur to mayor, emphasising his commitment to serving the nation. Focused on combating corruption and aiding the poor, Mashaba founded ActionSA. Rejecting divisive policies, his party aims for a non-racial South Africa. With a platform emphasising economic empowerment and education reform, they urge voters to support their transformative vision.

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Edited transcript of ActionSA president Herman Mashaba’s keynote address at BNC#6 ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

00:07 Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for the invitation to speak with you on the eve of a crucial South African election, the most significant since 1994.

00:37 This year’s elections are pivotal. If the current government remains in power, our country faces serious challenges. Yet, as South Africans, we remain hopeful.

01:03 As a capitalist, I never imagined myself as a politician, but here I am, selling political ideas instead of shampoos. My capitalist ventures granted me freedom and shaped my path.

01:29 At 22, I defied oppression and embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve supported various political parties, but when their policies clashed with my beliefs, I knew I had to act.

02:13 I witnessed the erosion of values I hold dear. My disagreement with the government’s direction led me to politics. As a capitalist, socialism and communism are not my allies.

03:14 Freedom lies in utilizing our talents, not in surrendering to others’ decisions. I parted ways with the government when they threatened our liberties.

03:41 They aimed to keep us impoverished and uninformed. Rejecting this, I became Johannesburg’s mayor. However, my commitment to principles led to conflict with my party.

04:11 I didn’t enter politics to serve parties but to serve my country. Discovering a no-confidence motion against me, I resigned. The mayoralty wasn’t my desired role.

05:10 My focus on alleviating poverty and combating corruption made me a target. I refuse to tolerate the theft of public funds. Hence, I left.

06:08 Politics is a challenging yet necessary endeavour. Failing to engage allows corruption to thrive. I’ve dedicated myself to this cause, despite the personal cost.

06:38 Politics may not interest you, but it demands your attention. I’ve studied and engaged in politics because a stable political climate is essential for economic prosperity.

07:37 I strive to prevent South Africa from becoming another failed African state. I formed my own party to effect change, refusing to succumb to pessimism.

08:34 Establishing a political party wasn’t my plan, but circumstances demanded it. I embrace this responsibility to save my country.

09:03 I’m not here to make friends; I’m here to win. My aim is governance, not opposition. We’ve achieved significant electoral success despite being underestimated.

10:29 Our party’s growth defied expectations. We’re prepared to contest all provinces in the upcoming elections, committed to enacting positive change.

11:27 We’ve garnered widespread support, transcending racial divides. Our goal is a non-racial South Africa, a vision echoed by Nelson Mandela.

12:56 We’ve unveiled our strategy to address economic issues, rejecting undue influence from unions. Our policies prioritize SMEs and economic growth.

13:54 Minimum wage policies hinder small businesses and the disadvantaged. We aim to dismantle this harmful system.

15:47 We’ll revamp the education system, removing union interference and restoring professionalism. School principals will be accountable to communities.

17:22 We advocate for the reintroduction of prayer in schools, fostering values and respect.

18:50 We’ve developed policies with input from diverse voices, aiming to rejuvenate our nation. Our cabinet comprises competent professionals ready to lead.

19:18 We need the voters’ support to enact these changes. Let us strive for a better South Africa. Thank you for your attention.

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*The above transcript has been condensed and paraphrased for brevity and clarity, and may not capture the full context or nuances of the original speech delivered by Herman Mashaba at the Biznews conference, BNC#6.

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