The Golden Visa roadshow: Find out how you can get EU residency by investing in Portugal

*This content is brought to you by Sable International, South African market leaders in the Golden Residency Permit Programme. If you’ve ever thought about acquiring a EU residency they can assist.

By Andrew Rissik*

Portugal’s Golden Residence Permit Programme (GRPP) gives South African investors the chance to secure EU residency through what is commonly called a Golden visa. Hundreds of South Africans have already taken advantage of this opportunity, and later this month, we’ll be travelling around the country conducting seminars and one-on-one sessions with interested members of the public explaining the ins and outs of the programme. We’ll be joined by our partners who are real estate and legal experts.

Speak to an expert, face to face, in your city

Our Golden visa experts will be in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg from 26 February to 2 March. During these consultations and seminars, we will be explaining how, and why, more and more South Africans have been buying property in Portugal and earning EU residency for themselves and their families.

Experts from our partners, Hurst & Wills, Fine & Country (South Africa), and Fine & Country (Portugal) will be presenting their latest real estate products at our seminars. Importantly, throughout the presentations and one-on-one consultations, the legal requirements of the Golden Visa programme will also be discussed in some detail by our Lisbon-based attorneys, TP & A.

Attendees will be introduced to a great mix of property investment opportunities in and around Portugal including areas like: Lisbon, Cascais, Estoril, Porto and more. So, if you’re thinking about a plan B for your family, or if you ever considered investing in offshore property, the Golden visa programme could be a great way for you to achieve these goals.

If you’re sold already, click the button below to book a spot at one of our seminars and/or one-one-one consultations. If you’d like more info on the Golden Residence Permit Programme, continue reading below.

What is the GRPP and how does it work?

In 2012, the Portuguese government sought to increase foreign direct investment into its economy through a unique residency by investment programme. The GRPP was designed to allow participants to make an investment into Portugal, and in turn receive the right to apply for Portuguese residency.

What your Golden visa allows you to do

As a GRPP participant you will:

  • Gain dual residency for you and your family
  • Travel visa-free throughout the Schengen Area
  • Own property overseas
  • Secure a ‘plan B’ for you and your family in terms of security, education and lifestyle

The Golden visa only requires you to spend on average seven days in Portugal each year, for five years for it to remain valid. This means that you can remain living in South Africa and spend just one week per year in sunny Portugal.

After five years, you and your family will be able to apply for permanent residence in Portugal. After six years, you become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

The method of investment

There several investment options, with purchasing real estate to the minimum value of €500,000 being the most popular.

Most participants, since the inception of this programme, have elected to invest in real estate in Portugal, and that’s what our seminars, mentioned above, will focus on. There are other sub-categories within the real estate investment option and if you’d like more information you can email our team on [email protected]

But why should you choose Portugal? Here’s why…
Flag map of Portugal

Portugal’s position within the EU means that those who have residency or citizenship there also have access to one of the world’s largest markets. This provides plenty of opportunities for international business and travel. The country scores highly for safety, family friendliness, political stability, human rights, property rights and religious freedom; making it a great place to raise a family or retire.

Before you take the leap, make sure you have the right partner

Our team of both South African and Portuguese experts can make your property investment and residency application as easy as possible. We have attorneys and real estate agents in Portugal that can assist you by picking, and purchasing, the property that suits your specific needs. Our team in Portugal will also help you with concierge services to ensure that your visits to Portugal are enjoyable and productive.

You will be assigned a dedicated immigration caseworker that will stay with you throughout your participation in the GRPP. Your personal caseworker will make sure all your immigration documents are submitted timeously and in the correct manner. We will also handle your yearly visa renewals to ensure that you never have to worry about missing a deadline. If your family is on your visa as well, their applications will be handled simultaneously.

If you feel like you’re ready to take the next step in your (and your family’s) future, book a chat with us by clicking the button below. The seminars and one-on-one consultations are totally obligation-free.

  • Andrew Rissik is the Director of Forex and International Projects at Sable International.
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