Mailbox: Who ghost-wrote Jacob Zuma’s nasty letter to Cyril Ramaphosa?

At the start of the weekend, former president Jacob Zuma distributed an open letter in which he questioned President Cyril Ramaphosa’s integrity. Zuma’s associates were the star performers in the state capture show during his tenure, which has been described as the country’s ‘lost years’. But Zuma is not known for writing, or numeracy, which has led BizNews community member George Gultig to ask who has been helping Zuma – who entered his office with criminal charges swirling around his name. The White Monopoly Capital narrative makes an appearance in Zuma’s letter. WMC was developed by London-based public relations giant Bell Pottinger – which subsequently collapsed – as a campaign to distract South Africans from the feeding frenzy at state entities. BizNews welcomes a diverse range of views and encourages debate. – Editor

By George Gultig* 

I wonder who ghost-wrote Jacob Zuma’s letter to Cyril Ramaphosa, reproaching him for dragging the good name of the ANC through the mud, by publicly blaming ordinary members of the party (urban and rural poor working class) for the corruption in the country. The substance of the letter (balderdash that it is) may be his fabrication but having seen him in action, so to speak, in parliament and royal visits, I doubt very much whether he has the ability to transform thought into prose. He himself admits that he doesn’t normally write, only engages in discussions within the well-established culture of the ANC structure where an elite few rule the roost.

George Gultig

If one reads between the lines it strikes one as a patronizing attempt to win the hearts and minds of the working class (those who live in poverty waiting for the elusive better life which Zuma and Cyril promised them and which excludes whites) by making them the scapegoats of Cyril’s accusations.

It will be interesting to hear how Cyril reacts and retaliates but I very much doubt that he was pointing a finger at the electoral masses but more likely at the oligarchy. One thing is certain, the knives are sure to be out especially with Zuma’s reference to the 30 pieces of silver which Cyril received from white monopoly capital to win an ANC contest.

On the other hand the Russians were world leaders in the disinformation game so maybe both Zuma and Cyril still have aces up their sleeves – who knows?

  • George Gultig describes himself as a retired SADF member and octogenarian trying to avoid the approaching stages of incoherence associated with dementia by keeping up with what’s happening in our country, for whom so many gave their lives. “The attached pic was taken in Jan 2019 aboard MSC Musica with the most beautiful mountain and city in the world as background.”

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