Apple’s expanding ecosystem – a sneak peek

By Ross Sinclair

Apple recently hosted their 2022 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), which I attended live, virtually, along with well over 600 thousand others. The tech giant introduced many new pieces of tech and software that consumers will see in the near future. As the name suggests, the presentation was aimed at those who are going to build the applications found on the devices of Apple users.

The presentation included an impressive number of VFX (visual effects) and seemed to have production quality equal to, if not greater than, many Hollywood films. This does make sense when you realise that Apple has 34 million registered developers. Of all counties in the world, only 41 have a greater population than Apple has registered developers, according to Worldometer. This puts into context the size and scope of those creating applications and developing features for Apple’s ever-expanding and magnetising ecosystem. This means Apple products have spread from our desktops to our pockets and wrists, and now to our cars. I sat down with BizNews colleague Asime Nyide to discuss what was exciting about this conference and what the future holds for users of Apple devices.

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