Jay Naidoo: Suppression of freedom of speech – a path to tyranny. It injures and kills.

This article is the first of a series by Jay Naidoo, following his piece: Jay Naidoo: ‘New Apartheid’ is even worse than Nats, it’s determined to take our lives

By Jay Naidoo*

‘We have nothing to lose but our chains. Because the mind of the oppressed is the main weapon in the hands of the oppressor’ – Steve Biko

I was 15 years old when these words lit a spark in my heart and changed my life and that of many others. I am 68 today and they still ring in my ears. Biko lit a fire that ignited millions of us who rose courageously in 1976 to confront the apartheid regime and unleash a momentum that would lead to the political miracle that would put our founding father Nelson Mandela in the Union Buildings as our first democratically elected President. 

Today we face a similar foundation moment. Humanity is reeling from the devastating impact of the pandemic response and its accompanying lockdowns, masking, loss of loved ones and extreme measures that have destroyed millions of jobs and businesses. I was personally unable to see my grandchildren in Canada because of the enforcement of these measures that limit our freedom of movement in the brutal way in which apartheid Pass Laws did. Many serious independent studies have shown that these measures are useless when it comes to a respiratory virus. To be obliged to wear a mask walking into a restaurant for example, but be allowed to take it off once sitting down makes no sense at all. To have a plexiglass of one square meter separating two people talking to each other when the virus is airborne makes no sense at all. Politics told science what to say.  

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We have to be blind not to see the dramatic rise in PTSD, mental illnesses, depression, anxiety and suicide as a new spectre of despair and hopelessness return that haunt our lives caused by the biggest pharmaceutical experiment in human history. Because this is what it is, written in black and white on the Pfizer and Moderna documents: an experiment. We don’t know what is in the so called vaccines and the pharma companies don’t know the outcome of their experiment.

We are the lab rats. Forced to be guinea pigs.  

The watchdogs of our society are missing in action. Mainstream and social media have become propaganda adjuncts of a big pharma narrative aimed at censoring dissenting voices and enabling an environment based on fear and coercion. Asking a simple question like – “can I have the list of ingredients contained in your syringe” or “can you guarantee I won’t suffer one of the 1200 or so listed known side effects” labels you an anti-vaxxer when in fact, it should prove you a responsible person.  

I have never been a conspiracy theorist but everything I observe now points to a conspiracy of vested interests that seek to create an Orwellian nightmare that not even George Orwell could imagine. And I am shocked to see that parts of civil society and media have been drawn into this narrative. 

We need the rise of new Biko’s that steer medicine towards its truly noble beginnings of saving patient lives. We need honest doctors who are practicing honest medicine.

We need to restore integrity to medicine so that doctors who follow the Hippocratic Oath of patient care are not victimised.

We have a complete breakdown of the health care system and an epidemic of misinformed doctors and misinformed and harmed patients. 

Dr Aseem Malhotra, eminent global cardiologist, is part of a growing movement of courageous doctors working towards restoring integrity to the medical profession. According to him, ‘The science is clear but many have been so indoctrinated with a certain narrative that there is now wilful blindness. When we turn a blind eye to the truth in order to feel safe, reduce anxiety and seek to protect our prestige and reputation as a profession then we forget the true purpose of medicine is to serve patients.’

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The World Health Organisation in a mission statement once reiterated this in their past, ‘That health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.’ Not anymore, according to them.

The main job of doctors is to improve health care outcomes which requires individual clinical expertise, respect for patient values and expectations and the best available clinical evidence and protocols. This is what the medical profession is supposed to follow. 

But according to Dr Aseem Malhotra, ‘COVID hijacked this methodology, so that today, clinical decisions are based on biased and corrupted information and research. Patient care is not the outcome. It’s the needs of the commercial interests.’

The single most important goal of medicine should be restoring ethics and integrity to the profession. Collusion with the pharmaceutical industry has now seen our watchdog medical regulators in the pockets of commercial interests leaving people alone and mistrustful of the medical profession. 

Honest hardworking doctors who follow standard operating procedures, proven early treatment protocols have been jettisoned and effective medicine to cure from COVID banned.

Dr Sankara Chetty in Port-Edward for example has treated 14 000 patients from COVID, many with comorbidities. Not one hospitalisation. Not one death. But we don’t want to listen to him. In fact, he was banned from YouTube for disclosing his lifesaving recipe. And now, outrageously, the Health and Professions Council of South Africa has, in its charge sheet against him, stated that he is ‘Guilty of unprofessional conduct in respect of members of the public…’ Found guilty because he is saving lives and healing our people. Really? Is that where we are now?

Dr. Chetty is on the growing list of fearless doctors such as Dr Susan Vosloo, Professor Tim Noakes and so many others who are finding the courage to challenge the dominant narrative. In fact, many doctors and scientists we turned to for advice and guidance for the past few decades are suddenly on a blacklist created by pharma and government, echoed by mainstream media and different organisations.

If they don’t fit the official narrative, they are labelled conspiracy theorists, stripped of their medical licence or fired from their jobs.

I stand alongside them and am proud to defend freedom of speech that I have dedicated my life to. Like millions of other people in the world I want to hear their point of view because the data of vaccine injuries can no longer be hidden. The veil of secrecy that has shrouded the pandemic response is now revealing a rotten can of worms. 

In his presentation which every regulator, health professional and government policy maker and official should see, Dr Aseem Malhotra quotes Gert Gigerenzer, Director of Harding Centre for risk literacy, Berlin from a WHO Bulletin in 2009: “It is an ethical imperative that every doctor and patient understand the difference between absolute and relative risks to protect patients against unnecessary anxiety and manipulation.”

Dr. Malhotra bemoans his profession, “Ignorance at the highest levels of academic and clinical leadership is profound. We have a pandemic of misinformed doctors. And misinformed research is funded because it is likely to be profitable to pharmaceutical interests rather than it contributes to improving patient outcomes. Collective ignorance of how information we are consuming in our training has been so sanitised and manipulated by powerful vested commercial interest is at an all-time high.’

I was prescribed statins for my heart condition. It made me sicker. Fortunately my wife, a journalist of 45 years, who also mourns the death of her profession, did detailed research that proves that statins are one of greatest hoaxes of the pharmaceutical industry and I stopped it. Today we know from the data that prescribed medicines are now the third biggest killers after heart failure and cancer side effects.

What is to be Done?

The entire value chain of health should be reviewed. Western medicine fuelled by pharmaceutical interests of focusing on profiteering has created huge mistrust and taken patient care out of the equation. We need to hold CEO’s of the pharmaceutical industry to account and personally liable. Otherwise the paltry fines they pay are greatly exceeded by their profits.

We need to reactivate the indigenous knowledge in our society so that alternative health therapies aimed at holistic well-being such as Ayurveda and Acupuncture and many others are not erased from our lives. Western medicine has an important role to play but has to learn that it has to co-exist with many other health therapies. For example, why have we crushed and hidden the fact that taking vitamin D, C and Zinc can enhance our immune system and help fight not only COVID but all viruses? Why don’t we talk about a healthy diet and lifestyle? Because there is no money to make if people are healthy? We have taken the responsibility of a person’s health away from them and put it unconditionally into big pharma’s hands, or should I say pockets. This can’t be the path to a healthy future.

Our watchdogs of society including mainstream media, social media and even the fact-checkers, NGO’s, health and medical regulators need themselves to be scrutinised to understand who funds them and how this may influence their work.

I am prepared to stand on any platform in Parliament, the public broadcaster or live on any mainstream media with Dr Aseem Malhotra to debate those who have led us into this catastrophe. Perhaps Professor Abdool Karim and others on the Ministers COVID Advisory Committee can have the courage to agree to this public debate.

Humanity is at a tipping point. We cannot leave our children and grandchildren a world bereft of solidarity and compassion. One that is blinkered by commercial interests that see us as commodities to be financialised and controlled. 

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Let us pause this vaccination campaign especially in regards to children who face little danger from COVID. Let’s appoint an independent balanced panel of eminent scientists and medical professionals to study the data and make recommendations about how we deal with the massive increase of vaccine injuries. Millions of vaccine injured victims are pleading to be heard. We now say that there are more vaccine injuries and deaths than COVID deaths as such, that the lockdowns created more disease and chaos than the virus itself which has, may I remind us, a 99.97% survival rate.

The injured need to be embraced with love and compassion as they suffer alone far from the glare of an absent media. What they have suffered is unparalleled victimisation that is invisible because the mainstream media has failed to do their job whether through acts of omission or commission. 

I appeal to our greater humanity to see them. To hear them. To embrace them. And to heal with them. 

That is my prayer. And why I have decided to stand up for those who have no voice or agency. 

The same way I stood up when I was 15 and heard the courageous Steve Biko articulate a vision of a healed country.

*Jayaseelan “Jay” Naidoo is a South African political activist who served as the founding general secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions and Minister in the Mandela Cabinet.”