South African Zionist Federation: ICJ rejects ANC’s call for unilateral ceasefire

The International Court of Justice dealt a blow to South Africa’s ANC Government as it dismissed their demand for Israel’s immediate ceasefire against Hamas. The ICJ emphasised Israel’s ongoing humanitarian efforts and the ANC’s attempt to mislabel self-defence as genocide. This setback has implications for South Africa’s international relations and trade, with bipartisan American Congress members condemning the country’s conduct. The South African Zionist Federation reaffirms Israel’s commitment to peace and self-defence, opposing the ANC’s legal pursuit at the ICJ.

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Media statement by Rolene Marks, National Spokesperson, South African Zionist Federation

Devastating blow to ANC Government as ICJ rejects demand for unilateral Israel ceasefire

Friday, 26 January 2023: The South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) notes that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has rejected the ANC Government’s call for Israel to immediately and unilaterally end its military campaign against the genocidal Hamas terrorist organisation.

The ICJ called on Israel to continue to do what is within its power to avoid civilian casualties and facilitate humanitarian aid to Gazan civilians, and demanded the release of the hostages illegally held by Hamas.

Today’s interim ruling by the ICJ is a blow to South Africa’s political gambit to falsely label Israel’s acts of self-defense as genocide. The Court only looked at potential emergency measures and Pretoria’s political stunt will be shown for the farce that it is.

Since 21 October 2023, weeks after Hamas committed the worst atrocities against the Jewish people in modern history, Israel has been facilitating and delivering significant humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in Gaza. It has delivered over 76 000 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, water and medical supplies via the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian border. No other army seeking harm to civilians would do this, and Israel has committed to continue assisting Palestinian civilians in collaboration with international partners.

The only party with intention to commit genocide is Hamas. Israel has no intention to do so. In fact it does everything within its power to prevent harm to civilians in the war against Hamas. Hamas’ strategy uses civilians as human shields and then celebrates any resulting harm as propaganda.

The Justices have disappointed the ANC government’s ambitions by failing to grant Pretoria’s request for the most far-reaching remedy by ordering Israel to immediately cease the war in the Gaza Strip. The measures granted are in fact what Israel has proven to be doing already.

The majority of South Africans are not aligned to the ANC Government’s hypocritical manoeuvres, but unfortunately, ordinary South Africans may bear the consequences.

Over 200 bipartisan American Congressmen and women issued a statement this week rebuking South Africa for its malicious conduct. This has major implications for South African trade and investment especially the African Growth and Opportunity Act which creates thousands of jobs and is worth billions of dollars and which is up for renewal over the next year. Pressure is likely to ramp up from democratic nations going forward who are opposed to South Africa’s dalliance with their enemies.

These are the consequences that the ANC is bringing upon South Africans and the price that they are likely to pay for the ANC’s international hubris.

The SAZF reaffirms that Israel does not want war, but simply desires to be left alone to live in peace and harmony with its neighbours. Israel has a legal right to self-defence and a moral obligation to protect its citizens from ongoing genocidal threats of Hamas. For the good of all South Africans, we will continue to oppose the ANC Government’s attempt to open a legal front against Israel at the ICJ.

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