Eating burgers by growing the pie, a conceptual shift

Burger King had the creative world in shock this week after endorsing McDonald’s and other direct competitors in recent ad campaign tweets.

But if we reel back to what Netflix CEO Reed Hastings once said: “All of us (streaming services) are competing with linear TV… It’s in other pursuits, gaming, YouTube, all the things people do to relax. In our most developed countries, we’re about 10% of the time the TV is on.”

So have Burger King flipped the same switch?

While the campaign comes in support of all fast-food outlets at a time when the United Kingdom enters a 4-week hard lockdown, will it turn into a bigger play against sit-down restaurants, ready-made-meal competitors and others?

Is the current challenge for business is to not only grow its share of the pie, but to grow the actual pie itself?

Burger King
Out of character, Burger King asks its fans to ‘order from McDonald’s’

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