Nick Hudson: Evidence is overwhelming – Covid propagandists should recant. But will they?

For the past couple years PANDA’s firebrand chairman Nick Hudson became a lightning conductor on the debate around State-driven narratives over the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns and vaccine mandates. For officialdom, Hudson’s assertions were roundly condemned, with anything he suggested branded as ‘fake news’. Others considered him a rare voice of sanity in the sea of establishment propaganda. Now that the Covid dust is clearing, evidence is mounting that the qualified actuary’s warnings were prescient. In a typically hard-hitting piece below, he shares plenty of evidence from credible sources, some extremely revisionary in nature. The big question he poses: When will those complicit in promoting the official narrative ‘fess up and recant? – Alec Hogg

By Nick Hudson*

Nick Hudson
Nick Hudson

It’s trite to note that lockdown stringency had nothing to do with the level of official Covid deaths experienced by countries worldwide, counties within a country, and so on. Since PANDA first observed this in June 2020, hundreds of scientific papers have arrived at the same conclusion by way of diverse analyses.

A great deal of ink has been spilt in an effort to explain why countries had such massively diverse experiences.

Yes, the proportion of aged in a population was a significant factor. It was obvious from March of 2020 that Covid posed negligible risk to anyone under the age of 70 who was even vaguely healthy.

Yes, obesity was a factor, but probably not a determinant one. Overweight people are overrepresented among Covid deaths relative to their share of population, but are similarly overrepresented among non-Covid deaths. This observation strongly suggests a lesser causative role for Covid as far as excess deaths in the last few years is concerned.

My PANDA colleague, Jonathan Engler, wrote an excellent piece last week, dilating on the extent to which excess deaths may have been driven vastly more by the policy response to Covid than by SARS-CoV-2 itself. It is hard to construct an alternate explanation for the facts he lays out that is not immediately invalidated by one or another data point or statistical observation. The causal mechanisms he proposes are entirely plausible.

The case of Germany is illustrative of a trend that is being witnessed in many countries.

For 2020, the Year of the Great Plague, Germany suffered no excess mortality. In 2021, the Year of the Great Vaccine, it suffered significant excess mortality, and yet higher excess mortality in 2022, the Year of the Great Booster. It is entirely plausible that some of this excess mortality is due to the vaccine drive.

recent paper published by several “giants of epidemiology” suggested that, based on the clinical trial data, serious adverse events were occurring at a rate several orders of magnitude greater than previous vaccines which had themselves been regarded as unsafe. Therefore, for the vast majority of people who have been injected, each shot represents a net harm, which concerning real-world data suggests escalates with every additional “booster”.

An estimate of 500 deaths per million shots is probably representative of the views of a cross section of non-conflicted scientists, which is to say, those few whose pay or institutional funding is not sourced from entities making a fortune out of the vaccination circus. The so-called vaccines should have been contra-indicated for virtually everyone, let alone not mandated.

However, there are countries with high vaccination rates that have not suffered such high excess mortality, Sweden being a notable example; hence, the vaccines can only be part of the explanation for Germany’s outcome. Broader Covid policy features are likely to have played a more significant role.

While it is without question the case that vaccine mandates and coercion, especially in an environment devoid of reasonable informed consent, constitute serious violations of the Nuremberg Code, the real crime in the Covid response was lockdown.

With levels of natural immunity against SARS-CoV-2 among the vaccine-free population being as high as they without doubt are by now, unless there is some extensive long-term vaccine harm or widespread manifestation of a phenomenon like original antigenic sin, it is likely that developing mortality and future analysis thereof will finger lockdowns as the major travesty of the Covid hysteria, with the mass vaccination programme running a close 2nd, if not for health reasons, then certainly for the unnecessary and unjustifiable transfer of wealth from citizens to a small number of corporations.

Yet mainstream media, all over the world controlled or at least funded by vaccine peddlers, sustains a constant omertà when it comes to all of these matters.

Not one reported on the whistleblower leak in which a secret video of an Israeli Ministry of Health (“MoH”) meeting revealed that Israel had lied to the world when it reported that its population-wide experimental gene therapy had been demonstrated to be safe. Many countries referenced Israel’s reports as justification for ordering huge quantities of injections that now lie unutilized, the most extreme case perhaps being Canada, which ordered 12 doses per citizen.

Similarly, not one reported on a recent study emanating from decidedly pro-vaccine quarters, which concluded that for every Covid hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, 18 to 98 serious adverse events will occur.

Or on a recent paper in the New England Journal of Medicine which suggests that the effectiveness of the Pfizer Covid vaccine turns negative within five months, and that the vaccine may well be destroying protection from natural immunity. Or on the fact that Denmark had stopped offering vaccines to under 50s, and the UK to the 5-11 age group, owing to significant excess mortality.

This omertà is not something new. It has been a year since the same publications failed to report the story of the FDA trying to keep the data it had obtained from Pfizer out of the public eye by releasing it over first 55, then 75 years, or of a federal judge ruling against the FDA’s case, or of all the data that has since been released that makes it quite clear that the Pfizer vaccine should never have been granted emergency use authorisation.

The extent of this failure to report is quite breathtaking. We know that some major media houses are funded by pharmaceutical firms to such an extent that they are practically unable—or in some cases have even agreed not to— carry negative stories regarding their products. But this can’t be the case for all of them. Are their editorial boards simply too embarrassed in light of past positions that now read as sycophantic? Have their journalists repeated the “safe and effective” lie so often that they have hypnotised themselves into believing it?

I can imagine that it must be quite difficult to acknowledge having played a role in the perpetration of the greatest fraud in history, but at some stage surely someone is going to locate a conscience and break ranks?

  • Nick Hudson is the chairman of PANDA.

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