🔒 “The job of Covid fact-checkers is to criminalise truths” – VAERS analyst Dr Jessica Rose

Veteran VAERS (the US’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) analyst Dr Jessica Rose, who has been rigorously following the data since week one of VAERS, is uniquely privy to harmful effects of Covid-19 vaccines. Rose, a computational biologist who specialises in biomathematics and molecular research, is also part of the international team of SA VAERS. In an attempt to get a better understanding of the findings gathered from VAERS data and the harmful effects of the vaccines on pregnancy, the coverage of which is contemptibly absent, BizNews spoke to Rose, whose insights were valuable and indicative of an insidious trend, given that the available data is, due to underreporting and missing data, only a fraction of the realistic statistics. The discussion of data revealed by VAERS in respect of pregnancy prompted Rose to highlight that, “the regulatory bodies that serve as the stopgap between a product developed by a pharmaceutical industry, whose methodologies are questionable at best, and whose business model is to profit, and the people are not functioning anymore.” – Nadya Swart


Excerpts from the interview with Dr Jessica Rose

On the incidence of VAERS data going missing or being manipulated

You know, there is a lot going on. Sometimes VAERS ID’s go missing because they are replaced or there are duplicates. Sometimes they go missing without any explanation. It’s not a small feat to get a VAERS ID into the front-end data set – that’s the set we can download as the public. It’s not a small feat at all. Once your VAERS ID is set, you move from a temporary ID to a permanent one, which is the one that you have in VAERS. To have that removed is not a small thing, and it requires explanation, which we do not have. There’s not even a little tag beside. There’s no mention of why any of these reports were deleted. And there are multiple reports of VAERS ID’s going missing every week. 

There’s also a huge backlog. I mean, I would imagine that the number of VAERS reports that have been attempted to be made and processed is in the millions. I wouldn’t be surprised by that at all. So the numbers that are reviewing themselves in this front-end data set are minimal, to say the very least. And I’m not talking about the underreporting factor, I just mean the representation of the actual number of adverse events going on in the context of three products. 

Dr Jessica Rose on the regulatory bodies supposed to protect human beings not doing their jobs

Do you know what the catch phrase for thalidomide was? Guess the three words that they would spout in reference to thalidomide in the context of pregnant women. It’s this drug that was meant to help with morning sickness that ended up causing severe deformities in the babies of the mothers who took it. And the irony is not lost on anyone. This is a well, well, well known, well-documented tragedy of humanity. So, I’ll tell you what the words were that they used to promote this product. It’s safe and effective. Now, where have we heard that before? It’s the exact same mantra that they’re using now to promote these products in pregnant women. 

These are experimental gene therapies. They’re not conventional vaccines. That’s not rhetoric. These are experimental gene therapies. It’s mRNA, which is messenger RNA, encapsulated in another novel technology, which is lipid nanoparticle. And we’ve never injected this type of technology, these types of technologies en masse into humans before in this context. Never. We don’t have historical data. And we don’t even have short term safety data on these particular products, because they were rushed into the arms of 6 billion people. 

Dr Jessica Rose

The time frame for proper clinical trials, for a normal, conventional biological product, which vaccines are, is between five and 15 years. So, we’re talking about brand new technologies being rushed into all of these arms with “safety testing” that was less than one year. This is preposterous. And the way that it was done, I mean, there are no rules anymore. People need to know this. The regulatory bodies that serve as the stopgap between a product developed by a pharmaceutical industry, whose methodologies are questionable at best, and whose business model is to profit, and the people are not functioning anymore. This is not a joke, and it’s not hearsay. And it’s not my opinion. Regulatory bodies, people that are supposed to protect us, aren’t doing their jobs.

On the documented effects of the Covid-19 vaccines on pregnancy and infants breastfed by vaccinated mothers

Well, spontaneous abortion rates and miscarriages are much higher at much higher rates than the last 30 years for all vaccines combined. On the ground clinicians, obstetrician gynecologists that I know, I hear it from from their mouths, are saying that they’re seeing increases in stillbirths and spontaneous abortions that they’ve never seen. We’re seeing this across the board in different databases from all over the world. So, this is also evidence that something common is producing this problem.

It [spike protein] will get passed on through breastmilk. Why wouldn’t it? Maybe I’m being naive, but it’s a protein. Like, why wouldn’t it? So it does. This is reported to VAERS a lot. There are about 3,300 reports of adverse events in the context of breastfeeding. This is a lot of reports. Of course, it doesn’t include the underreporting factor again, but the effects on the babies are kind of alarming. I would never, ever, ever recommend a pregnant woman to smoke, to drink, to get injected with experimental shots before, during or after a pregnancy.

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