The narrative that there is no treatment for COVID-19 is genocidal – in-depth with Dr EV Rapiti

Among healthcare professionals across a broad spectrum of expertise in the field of medicine, there are comparatively few doctors who came closer to the practical reality of COVID-19 than Dr EV Rapiti, who had his finger on the pulse of the virus since its arrival. Though Rapiti’s more than 45 years of experience as a general practitioner in Mitchell’s Plain couldn’t prepare him for the pandemic, for various reasons beyond the virus itself, he ate, breathed and slept COVID-19. While most of the medical fraternity, at the behest of regulatory authorities, shirked their basic duty to care for their patients, Rapiti refused to buy into the narrative that there was no available treatment. Instead, he humbly accepted the answer would not be found in old medical textbooks and fine-tuned a protocol with which he treated over 3,000 patients with a success rate of 99.95%. Before the COVID-19 era, that this kind of dedication to duty could be met with anything other than respect would have been laughed off as absurd but this has not been the case. Rapiti was shunned by the medical community for diverging from the recommended ‘treatment’ regimen and utilising alternative treatment options to care for his patients. Almost three years later, even as the writing is on the wall and the official coronavirus narrative is riddled with gaping holes, doctors who stood by their Hippocratic Oath to ‘first, do no harm’ are still being persecuted. BizNews spoke to Rapiti about his COVID-19 journey and the recent proposal for ‘pandemic amnesty’ for the enforcers of the devastating pandemic policies that have eroded the fibre of societies across the world. This in-depth interview is definitely worth the time. – Nadya Swart

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01:02: Rapiti’s frontline experience since the emergence of Covid-19

08:57: Consequences faced as a result of dissent, ivermectin, alternative protocol

13:09: Iatrogenic deaths

16:27: Use of repurposed drugs

19:42: Children and Omicron

24:52: Emily Oster’s pandemic amnesty plea

Excerpts from the interview with Dr Rapiti

Dr Rapiti on his experience since the emergence of Covid-19

It was quite an amazing facet of my life. In my entire career, I’ve never experienced something like this. It was a mind-blowing experience for me, and it was unique because I started from the position of listening to the narrative because I trusted my professors and Karim. I looked upon them with their titles and believed them. And very shortly [thereafter], I started to learn the other side of COVID and mismanagement, and I discovered that they were a bunch of liars. And what I can say is that we were lied to in 2020 and I’ve got facts to show why we were lied to, that the 5 million deaths weren’t really deaths due to COVID, that there was no treatment and the vaccines were safe. I can disprove all of that, there’s hard evidence for it. 

On pandemic amnesty

I think we need to understand and spell it out very clearly. The crime that was committed by the people that promoted these vaccines and the policies are guilty of genocide and one of the worst crimes against humanity. If you look at the number of deaths that resulted, for example, from the vaccine… In America alone, if you take the under-reporting figure, it’s 1.2 million against a virus that has got good treatment, very good recovery and no complications. And the evidence was there. You stop a trial when there’s 50 deaths. There’s 70,000 deaths, and yet there are people in this country, the DA government, pushing the vaccines in spite of this evidence. When the H1N1 vaccine recorded 25 deaths, they stopped it. That’s the rule. What has changed in science? 

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