BNC#5: COVID: the collapse of scientific integrity after decades of pharmaceutical collusion and public health system failures – Dr Aseem Malhotra

COVID saw an influx of irrational and baseless lockdown restrictions and public health regulations, the devastating effects of which will be felt for decades to come. The unprecedented nature of these measures also signified a radical departure from health guidelines established prior to COVID’s arrival. The trap, however, is to believe that COVID occurred in a vacuum. In Dr Aseem Malhotra’s presentation at the BizNews Conference in March, the world-renowned consultant cardiologist chronicled the decay of the value and reliability of public health institutions and modern medicine. Malhotra’s meticulous delivery astutely contextualised COVID as the by-product of a complete healthcare system failure, institutional corruption and gross overreach by the pharmaceutical industry, and abandonment of evidence-based medicine. The deep-seated fractures the complete healthcare system failure. – Nadya Swart

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  • 00:00 Alec Hogg’s introduction of Dr Aseem Malhotra
  • 01:07 Dr Aseem Malhotra on speaking in South Africa
  • 01:26 On the barriers inhibiting our ability to access the truth 
  • 01:58 On the psychological barriers that inhibit our ability to engage in critical thinking
  • 03:21 A wonderful definition of health
  • 03:53 On the evidence-based medicine triad and its ability to solve many of today’s problems
  • 05:28 On evidence-based medicine having been hijacked over the last few decades
  • 06:15 On the seven sins that contribute to lack of knowledge 
  • 06:49 On the pandemic of medical misinformation
  • 07:32 On hard truths about Big Pharma
  • 09:26 On the negligible contribution of modern medicine to increased life expectancy over the last few decades
  • 10:18 On the illusion of innovation in modern medicine
  • 10:47 On explicit admissions of system failures by editors of global high-impact medical journals
  • 12:30 On misleading health statistics
  • 15:40 On the unethical and unscientific use of mismatch framing in medical journals
  • 16:07 On the absolute benefits of the COVID mRNA vaccines vs the harms
  • 18:14 On the findings of a peer-reviewed re-analysis of the original trials of mRNA vaccines that led to their approval
  • 19:13 On the historical record of vaccines suspended in the past
  • 20:40 On the rate of serious adverse events caused by the mRNA vaccines
  • 21:26 On Big Pharma’s capture and funding of regulators
  • 22:30 On the commercial determinants of health
  • 23:31 On corporations and their dimensions of power
  • 25:28 On Big Pharma’s track record and psychopathic behaviour
  • 28:23 On system failures and their role in both his parents’ untimely deaths
  • 29:38 On the suppression of and risk associated with speaking the truth
  • 30:28 On overcoming these external systems of oppression, which are directly linked to liberation from our own internal mechanisms of suffering

Excerpts from Dr Aseem Malhotra’s BNC#5 presentation

Dr Aseem Malhotra on evidence-based medicine having become an illusion.

Unfortunately, the problem is that evidence-based medicine has become an illusion over the last few decades. Evidence-based medicine has been hijacked by powerful vested interests because the best available clinical evidence has been corrupted. And if doctors are making clinical decisions on biased and commercially corrupted information, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, at best, it’s going to lead to suboptimal outcomes for your patients – think about mental and physical health. And at worst, it’s going to do harm. We have a complete healthcare system failure, and now a pandemic of misinformed doctors and misinformed and unwittingly harmed patients based upon a number of factors. 

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These are; biased funding of research – research that’s funded because it’s likely to be profitable, not beneficial for patients – biased reporting in medical journals, biased patient pamphlets, biased reporting in the media, commercial conflicts of interest, defensive medicine, and last but not least, medical curricula that failed to teach doctors how to comprehend and communicate basic health statistics. 

On the system failures eroding the value of and trust in modern medicine

Some of you may say, “Hold on a minute, isn’t modern medicine responsible for increasing life expectancy? There are so many great drugs out there.” Yes, there is definitely, for sure. I’m talking about the excesses here. But interestingly, what most people don’t know, in fact, most doctors probably don’t know [is] if you look at the increase in life expectancy in the Western world from 1850 to now, there is about a 40-year increase in life expectancy. 

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And a survey was done in America for educated adults to ask them, “Of that 40-year increase in life expectancy, how much would you attribute to modern medicine?” And the responses, on average, were 32 years. They thought 32 out of the 40 years would go to modern medicine. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern medicine has added about three and a half to five years maximum. A lot of the low-hanging fruit of great achievements we made in medicine happened decades ago. 

Right, so what is the evidence for that? Well, most new drugs now, unfortunately, according to one analysis in America, are just copies of old ones. Only 11% are truly innovative. And one of the reasons for that is that drug companies spend 20 times more on marketing than they do on basic science research. These are problems with the system. 

And therefore, we have an innovation crisis because of those system failures. What’s worse: “It is no longer possible to trust much of the clinical research as published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine.” This is Marcia Angell. New England Journal of Medicine is considered the highest-impact medical journal in the world. Is she alone? No, she’s not. 

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