“Trust the science” = “Trust the psychopath” – Part 2 of the BNC#5 COVID panel discussion

In March, at the fifth BizNews Conference, a COVID panel discussion was held between consultant cardiologist and public health advocate Dr Aseem Malhotra, world-renowned sports scientist Professor Tim Noakes and PANDA (Pandemics ~ Data & Analysis) Chairman and co-founder Nick Hudson. The discussion that followed explored science and its desecration, media censorship and persecution of those who have dared to stand for solid science instead of bowing down to the narrative propagated by mainstream media and how this is in sharp contrast to the majority of professionals either freely volunteering or nefariously coerced into spreading the notorious COVID tagline, “Trust the science”. In Part 2 of the COVID panel discussion, Malhotra, Noakes, and Hudson continued to discuss the atrocities and deviations from rationale and science as the objective knowledge system it entailed not so long ago. – Nadya Swart

See timestamped topics below:

  • 00:00 Dr Aseem Malhotra on raising the issue of COVID vaccine dangers and excess deaths on BBC News
  • 04:22 Malhotra being attached by mainstream media
  • 07:48 Professor Tim Noakes on the type of scientists that launch these attacks
  • 09:05 Noakes on Dr Malhotra being cancelled
  • 11:27 Noakes on how close he came to ever having his professional qualifications removed 
  • 14:22 Nick Hudson on his experience being attacked by professional bodies 
  • 18:29 Hudson on the reasons given by professional societies for attacking him
  • 19:16 Hudson on the persecution of Dr Shankara Chetty 
  • 21:29 Hudson, Noakes and Malhotra on the institutions driving the narrative and their potential motives
  • 25:29 Hudson on Discovery
  • 27:51 Malhotra on the history of institutions manipulating the public for profit

Excerpts from Part 2 of the BNC#5 COVID panel discussion 

Dr Aseem Malhotra on the distorted definition of science

We’ve got the majority of the funding coming from pharma. And this is the issue. When Fauci said, “Trust the science”,– which, by the way, is the most unscientific statement you can make because medicine has never been an exact science, not like physics and chemistry. It’s an applied science, a social science, a science of human beings. It’s constantly evolving. 

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But what he ultimately meant, not deliberately, but the result of him saying trust the science was that he was saying, “Trust the psychopath”. People need to understand the concept. We are now victims of the downstream effects of a psychopathic entity having more and more control over our lives. And then you can figure out everything else that happens as a result of it.

Nick Hudson on the institutions that launch attacks on organisations and individuals that advocate on behalf of solid science 

If I look at the character of the people on the other side of these complaints, I see cowardice. I see people who are unable to defend their own positions. They don’t want to be engaged in debate. They know that what they’re projecting to the world is false and that it’s harmful. So for them, debate is fatal. They just cannot face it. So the only way they can do things is to go about this kind of thing that they did with Tim and with Aseem. The smear campaign, the cancellation effort, the retraction effort, and the silencing effort. 

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And I, in fact, inside of PANDA, have tried to turn that around and use it as a tool. What are the things that upset them the most? Because we’re dealing with a very complex phenomenon. COVID is not a medical phenomenon; it’s a political phenomenon. It’s a very complex event. And so to try and understand what’s going on, you really have to absorb a whole lot of stuff, and you’re going to be misled, and you’re going to make mistakes and so on. 

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