Inside Covid-19: Advice from Bill Gates after warning world 5 years ago; Cronje heartbreak; rare Queen’s Speech – Ep 13

In episode thirteen of Inside Covid-19, we hear from Bill Gates, who five years ago warned policy makers to prepare for a pandemic like the one we’re now experiencing; there’s a harrowing but riveting interview with our regular correspondents whose healthy 50 year old cousin succumbed to Covid-19 on Friday night; and a rare address from Queen Elizabeth II, whose son and Prime Minister are both infected. – Alec Hogg

In the Covid-19 headlines today:

  • Deaths from Covid-19 continue to rise, passing 70,000 on Monday evening according to Johns Hopkins University, the world’s go-to source for the latest data. But there are now clear indications the rate of growth in the worst affected European countries is slowing, with daily Italian and Spanish mortalities continuing to decline. The curve continues to rise in the US, however, with American deaths approaching 10,000 from almost 350,000 confirmed infections. South Africa’s numbers are still growing in low single digit percentages, Sunday’s increase of 70 new cases representing a modest 4.4% daily rise. Two more people have succumbed, however, raising the country’s total Covid-19 deaths to 11. The last five reported deaths were all people in their 80s, three females and two males. The reporting, however, appears to be somewhat delayed. In this episode, we’ll hear from Gary and Any Cronje about the Covid-19 death on Friday night of their cousin Johan Vorster, whose details are not listed among the 11.
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