Covid-19 pandemic in pictures: updated graphs that matter to South Africans

By Douglas Parker*

The raw information for this report is sourced from the Coronavirus Tracker on Worldometer. The data all relates to midnight the previous day (00.00 GMT)

  • The total worldwide case numbers are now: +- 10 790 000
  • The percentage of people who are likely still ill from the virus totals: 40.2%
  • The percentage of people who have recovered from the infection is: 55.0%
  • And the total percentage of people who have died from the virus is: 4.8%
  • The percentage of Active cases that are considered serious/critical: 1.3%

Countries experiencing the heaviest burden in new cases over the past 24 hours:

Top Countries 1st July

  • USA: 50 647
  • Brazil: 44 884
  • India: 19 428
  • S Africa: 8 124
  • Russia: 6 130
  • TOTAL 129 639 66% of the world total

Trends in New cases worldwide

Total global new cases today were: +- 196 000 taking the 7 day average to around 182 000

Having reached a low point of 1.46% growth in daily new cases on 22nd June, the rate of infection has steadily accelerated to 2.04% yesterday. The most rapid growth is in Africa (3.0%) and Asia (2.9%) and the greatest numbers were Asia at 67,000, South America 61,000 and North America at 60,000. Cases in Europe grew by only 0.6%, accounting for 7% of the world total.

New cases in South Africa have exceeded 6,000 a day for the past week, with a record 8124 yesterday.

The percentage growth in case numbers continues at around 5% a day in South Africa.

Our revised Analog model is significantly increased in case numbers and duration.

Peer Colombia has also shown surge of case growth similar to South Africa, and ranked 7th today.

Brazil and Colombia show a slight slowing in growth.

The Western Cape’s case load slowing as Gauteng and the Eastern Cape show faster growth.

The Western Cape also showing the highest death rate. Gauteng doing much better.

The Western Cape’s infection rate exceeds that of all the European countries.

Rates of infection in Africa are minimal except for South Africa and Egypt.

New Zealand had two days without any new cases, Australia recorded 84 new cases yesterday.

Daily new cases in Europe reduced this past week, though France and the UK exceeded 800 yesterday.

Russia has the greatest number of total cases, and France has the worst death rate.

Total world cases will exceed 11 million tomorrow.

South America, Asia and North America have had similar numbers of new cases this past week.

Death Rates continue to decline in all continents.

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