Inside Covid-19: Reimagining post-pandemic SA with Adrian Gore, Barry Swartzberg, and Prof Francis Petersen. Ep 72

In episode 72 of Inside Covid-19, a focus on the reimagination of South African business and universities after the pandemic – Discovery’s founders Adrian Gore and Barry Swartzberg share their thoughts and we also hear Prof Francis Petersen, vice chancellor of Free State University; we investigate the racial gap in clinical trials for a coronavirus vaccine; and hear how non-compliance from Europe’s youth is causing a resurgence in the number of infections – and mortalities. – Alec Hogg

In today’s Covid-19 headlines:

  • South Africa’s coronavirus infections continue to slide with active cases falling another 4,000 on Wednesday and at 125,000, they are the lowest in over a month. But there were 259 deaths reported on Wednesday, taking total mortalities from the virus to above 11,000. Globally, however, new infections remain stubbornly high with 285,000 fresh infections in Wednesday increasing the number of active cases to 6.3m. India has now clearly taken over as the hottest spot on earth with 67,000 new cases yesterday compared with 58,000 in Brazil and 54,000 in the USA. Between them these three countries have registered over half of mankind’s 20.8m total infections and 42% of the world’s 750,000 deaths.
  • In the podcast, we’ll hear a few times from various guests how collaboration is set to become a major factor in a post-pandemic world. It is already beginning in Big Pharma where Gilead, creator of the Covid-19 drug remdesivir, has announced that it will work with 40 companies in North America, Europe and Asia to produce enough of it to treat two million people this year. Competitors like Pfizer are stepping in to help produce the remdesivir that’s needed in the fight against the pandemic. Analysts say this is a heartening trend as many more collaborations will be required to vanquish Covid-19.
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