Inside Covid-19: Beware of virus’s long-term effects – Drs Piot, File; Attention shifts to antibodies, immunity. Ep 74

In Episode 74 of Inside Covid-19, two of the scientific world’s leading lights, Dr Peter Piot and Dr Thomas File, warn about thus-far overlooked long term impacts on the human body of the coronavirus; and as the world’s focus swings from stemming infections to beating off the virus, we take a close look at how scientists are working on how to better identify our immune responses – and how these can be bolstered. In this episode we’ll get more on antibodies and immunity from the head of Discovery’s Clinical Policy unit; and in a separate analysis, the professor of Infectious Diseases and Vaccines at the La Jolla Institute of Immunology in San Diego, California. – Alec Hogg

In today’s Covid-19 headlines:

  • As South Africa’s coronavirus cases approach 600,000 and deaths reach 12,000, the good news about slowing infection growth continues unabated. New infections on Monday, at 2,541, are the lowest since June 10, which is ten weeks ago. They are down by more than 80% from the peak of late July. Mortalities, which take longer to report and as a result lag the infection numbers, are also now in a declining trend with the seven day moving average having fallen in each of the last eight days. South Africa’s active cases are poised to drop below 100,000 for the first time since early July. This is the 10th highest of any country, but down from the 5th position which South Africa held in July and early August. On total deaths, the ratio of 2% mortalities to confirmed cases remains well below the now declining global average of 3.5%.
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