BHI Ponzi: Sequestration attorney granted urgent interdict to stop defamation

By Chris Steyn

Attorney Werner Cawood – who had the BHI Trust provisionally liquidated – has obtained an urgent interim interdict against a woman who has been fighting a long-running war of words against certain South African liquidators.

The High Court interdicted Gail Faith Engelbrecht from further publishing any information, directly or indirectly, to the public, South African Government, Regulatory Authorities or the media, pertaining to Cawood or his firm Cawood Attorneys.

Engelbrecht has also been ordered to retract any previously published information pertaining to the attorney or his firm, particularly the publication made by her on 4 November, “specifically with regard to the nature of the allegations in that same represents allegations of a defamatory nature”.

That particular document was forwarded to Cawood by BizNews.

In the firm’s response to BizNews following the granting of the interdict, it stated: “In response to your query to Werner on WhatsApp, regarding the email circulated by Gail Engelbrecht either on or for BHI Watchdog or associated to this entity, pertaining to Cawood Attorneys and its involvement in the BHI Trust, please note the following:

“It is clear from even a cursory reading of Mrs Engebrecht’s communication that she is unaware that Cawood Attorneys are/were investors in the BHI Trust.  It is also clear that this document contains numerous misrepresentations and falsehoods and is extremely light on fact.

“The contents necessitated that Cawood Attorneys and Werner in his personal capacity, launch an urgent application, which Order was granted on 7 November 2023.  It is attached for your reference.

“As you will note from the Order, the Respondent, Mrs Engelbrecht, must retract her statements and email and the contents thereof and refrain from publishing anything further – on any channel. This could also by extension, then, apply to anyone else publishing the material as it could mean they would also then be joined to the court proceedings as party to the hearing set for January 2024.”

In her response, Engelbrecht sent an email stating: “Please note that I Gail Faith Engelbrecht have full intention to oppose and defend this matter.”

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