SA’s top numerologist Sandy Smith: 2016 a bad year for Zuma, better for SA

For rational minds, the ancient art (science?) of numerology ranks right down there with sangoma soothsaying and gypsy crystal balls. But for thousands of years stretching back to the ancient Greek Pythagoras, numerology has attracted devotees who don’t make any important decision without it. South Africa’s leading numerologist Sandy Smith’s clientele includes many influential business leaders and investment specialists. In this fascinating interview she shares her forecasts for 2016, offering specific predictions about President Jacob Zuma (a bad year), Julius Malema (not much better) and highlighting global investment opportunities, including an especially bullish view on gold. – Alec Hogg

In this special podcast with Alec Hogg, SA’s foremost numerologist Sandy Smith looks ahead to 2016. He asked here to explain what a numerologist is….

Everything in life is based on numbers and so is the alphabet. Each letter has a numeric value. When you look a person, a country, or a company, it tells you a story of who they are, what they do, and how they do it. In that, it gives you your nine-year cycle. We all travel a nine-year cycle so we have repeat patterns and when you bring a person’s name in, your name maps out your entire life. When you put the two together, you can actually match your events of ‘would you become a head boy’, ‘would you become a CEO’, ‘would you go to jail’, ‘how many children you would have’, ‘when you’d get divorced’, ‘would you win the lotto’, and it even shows death. It’s absolutely across the board. It covers your health. It covers your wealth. It covers your career. It covers when you’re caught in a situation, you’ll find that the other people that are around you, they are in the same line as you so it has impact. It can be a positive impact or a negative impact.

Where did it all start? Is it an ancient science?

Oh, it is. It’s an ancient science. I was in the music industry for many years and then, I woke up one day and said, “What’s next?” I had no plan. I had no idea so I started investigating astrology, books, and reading and out of this I started reading the numerology books. I realised that conventional numerology generalises. If you and I were born on the same day, it makes you and me be the same and that’s not humanly possible. We have separate fingerprints. We have separate DNA. We’re brought up in different environments and have different influences. My mother gave me a family tree book and out of that, I was kind of looking for something. I don’t know. I was looking for me. Out of that, this emerged and I took on the base of conventional numerology and I just brought it into the 21st century. I’ve made it so person-specific, it identifies everything about you.

You say ‘conventional numerology’. Where did that all start?

Everybody kind of accredits Pythagoras. People don’t realise that he travelled so extensively and he learned a lot from the Asian area, from the Mesopotamia area. He did it underground because the powers that be didn’t want him to have the power and the ability that he had and they wanted to arrest him.

So, thousands of years…

Yes. Thousands of years ago. He was actually enlightening people with the information he gathered from his travels. The Asians have the 9 Star Ki. The Israelis have the Cabala but it goes back way in the Asian area, but it came into being around the Mesopotamia area. Numerology…actual physical numbers… We first started counting, using our fingers so our thumb would be 1/10 and the whole thumb would be 100 or if you were a shepherd, you would take a stick and put a leaf on, which became the worry beads of the Greeks. The abacus is definitely the originator of the counting in the sense of the physical world so it all started emerging. It’s just people moving, travelling, communicating, and talking. Of course, the alphabet: when you look at where the number 1 came from or the 0, it came from Africa. If you take the Mediterranean out, there was a join.

There was maybe just a little river there. Through how the earth has evolved, it’s all split. India is a very big influence with very big astrologers. They have Vedic astrology. It goes back. It is ancient.

I guess a lot of people will be listening to this, thinking ‘this is all hocus pocus’ but I do know some serious business people who actually come and consult to you.

Without a doubt. From people who invest in the stock market, to people who are starting a business, to people who might be in the sale of a business.

What can you tell them?

Anything. If you come to me, we look at a company’s name and its date of birth and then obviously, there are people that are in it and you can actually see if there’s going to be a buy-out. For example, when we had the MTN and the Bharti deal, I had an MTN guy and a Bharti guy come to me. Without me knowing, they came to me on a business consult and they said, “Right. These are the companies we work for.” I just said to them, “This deal is that it is going down. It’s never going to happen” and they said, “No, you’re wrong. We’re about to sign.” I said, “You’ve been about to sign and you keep changing the price but Bharti are here to get inside information” and I said, “They’re going to Europe so the whole deal is not going to happen” and it didn’t. I did the same prediction with Nedbank who wanted to do the hostile takeover with Standard Bank. I said it was never going to happen.

How did you know that?

You can see it in the birthdate of Standard Bank and the birthdate of Nedbank. You can see where they are. What I did in the development of my system was that I worked for hours because I’m obsessive compulsive. I spent years in developing what number 1 meant and 2 etcetera. Then, when you put a 1 and a 4 in a pattern, what does that read? What is the story that it tells? Just through constant communication, asking questions, and research I developed my system. One day, somebody said to me, “Why are you doing this? Why aren’t you starting a business?” and I went, “Oh, I actually never thought of that because it was never planned to be a business.”

Now you’re on the radio.

I’m on the radio. I’ve had my own television shows. I’m in magazines and newspapers. I do the predictions for global. I have students from around the world. I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years now.

What have you gotten right? What’s a big win that you got right?

That we could get the soccer. I’ve predicted gold prices. I’ve predicted events that would be happening. I predicted, in the April of 2001 what would happen in America, that there would be a car/plane/boat accident around George Bush that would actually have a ripple effect. It would run around the world and it would be so great, and it would change everything. I predicted the stock market crash and there’s another one coming.

It’s all in the numbers.

It’s all in the numbers. Absolutely.

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Alright. Let’s start with the question everybody wants to know right now. We have a president in this country who’s doing some rather strange things – Jacob Zuma. Have you looked at his numbers?

I look at them all the time. Okay. He’s actually born on the 12th of April 1942 and he is probably going into his worst year, starting next year.

He’s had good years up to now?

No, not necessarily, but he hasn’t had bad years. When you look at his numbers, he has a defiance where he kind of ‘middle fingers’ everybody. He’s got a ‘Dennis the Menace’. He’s got a 5-life path. He’s so cold and calculating that he feels no pain. He feels no consequence. He sleeps well at night. The thing is that when you lay out my system and you see where he is from him birthday next year, the universe is coming from a public perspective to him on a mass legal scale and it’s going to be…literally going to go worldwide. Let’s say he wasn’t the President. It would still go worldwide. It would be on the headlines of the news. He’s going into a number 11 year because his age will add to an 11 and that is legal, legal, legal, legal, and legal. It’s going to wobble him. On the home front however, he has three 7’s and he’s going into a 7-year so it’s going to hit his absolute core.

He’s going to be completely directionless. I think that he’s probably going to have one of his worst years and it’s all going to start, beginning in January. By the time he hits his birthday this will run all the way through to his birthday. My belief is there are over 700 legal cases against him and none of them have come to court but I think that they are going to start coming now.

He is the President. He can squash them, surely.

That’s what he’s been doing, unfortunately. If we go from an astrological perspective and we look at what 2015 means, it’s all about what’s happening in the world is a correction and the balance. Venus was in Aries for 16 years and it started moving out of Aries into Pisces when Tunisia had their first uprising.

Are these things all related?

They’re all related and they all speak the same language. Venus and Aries were saying ‘structure, structure, structure’. If the structure is not solid. It’s not working correctly and it’s not working in today. It has got to be realigned, renovated, and redefined.

The whole world?

The whole world. Of course, the powers that be: why would they? Why would they want that? As it started moving… Venus moved into Pisces. The difference between the two is the one affords the people that head up (even if it’s a household, a company or a country) to restructure but when Venus moves into Pisces; if you haven’t, for the next 17 years the people will speak. The people will rise and they will speak. For example, to explain for South Africa: Venus was in Aries prior to 1994 and Venus moved into Pisces two months before (I get goosebumps) before we voted and the people spoke.

What does all of this mean – practically – to Jacob Zuma and South Africa?

Okay, I’m going to use the word…I don’t know that it’s the right word, but it’s the word ‘impeachment’. I don’t see him seeing out his term as President or probably of the ANC. He might still remain in the ANC but he will not remain as President. Could Cyril Ramaphosa step in as Deputy? Yes, but he will never be a President either.

That’s interesting because he is the Deputy. If Zuma goes then surely, Ramaphosa would take over.

Well, it depends who comes in to head the ANC.

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Is the ANC (from what you’ve analysed), going to continue to rule this country until the Second Coming?

No. I think that in our next voting, there’s a major correction again. South Africa born, as on the 31st of May 1961…people like to go with April when we voted. That’s not correct. That was just a change of power and a change of political party, not a change of the birthing of a country and its name. Where are we now? We are in our life path and I can only say to the people out there, “Our life path is an 8.” It’s about violence or communication and it’s the 8 of 2015. It matches with our 8. It’s about correction and the people need to communicate. The people now need to stop phoning into a radio station and they need to get into the collective. Your collective next year, is your political party. You might not want to support DA or EFF etcetera, but if you’re going to support the ANC then you’re actually on a downward spiral.

The ANC are not going to have the power. They’ve already lost a lot of power. They’re going to lose a lot more power and we might just then have a balance of political parties that are going to be in power, but I reckon our next President will be a female.

That could be Mrs. Zuma.

Ex-Mrs. Zuma, without a doubt. They’ve tried very hard with her. There was supposedly, somebody wanted to take her out because she could have defeated Zuma. The position that she holds now…how that struggle was to get that job for her. Eventually, I reckon our government bought her the position to get her out of the limelight, but she’s never been out of the limelight. I think that if she comes in, she will clean home.

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Interesting. That’s here in South Africa. Then the economy is struggling. Do you see any of that in your numbers?

Because we travel in 9-year cycles, when you add your day, month, and year and you keep adding until you get to a single digit; if you are in your life path number as South Africa is, it’s always our lowest year. We’ve got that until May of next year and as we hit our birthday, we go into different numbers.

So, we’ve had the worst in other words.

The worst will only really trail itself out May/June/July but from October of next year, you’ll see a complete swing and a turn. It’s not ever going to happen in a day but we’re on an upward turn for sure – 100 percent.

Sandy, how can you be so confident? Have you seen these trends play themselves out before?

I’ve been watching the trends. I can watch the Johannesburg Stock Exchange – where it is, where it sits, and the trends. You look at the Gold price and you look at the trends. You look at the oil. If you go back last year we were in 2014, which added to a 7. What were the industries that were affected? Cars, planes, boats, and trains – transportation. That was fuel. That was all of the air crashes, etcetera. A lot of tragedies, and tragedies are whether it’s an eruption or whatever it is because there’s a movement. That was the 7. We now go into the 8, which we’re in now at the moment until it… It will probably take itself into January/middle of February for the 8 to fall out completely, and 2016 will add to a 9. I need to explain what 2016 means to everybody. A 9 is a Buddha number. It’s peaceful. It’s chilled. As you know about Cape Town, we say shoo wah – things happen.

A 9 year means that every single day, when you add the day and the month, it has a number. That number is double-fold. You now add 2016 to it and its triple-fold. Next year, when there’s a good day, there’s a good day and when there’s a bad day, there’s a bad day.


Turbulence. It can go from an absolute crash on one day to a win on the next day. If we look at Zuma, he is already double 7’s, going into a 7. You pick the 6th of January. That now has triple 7’s, so it was going to bounce on his triple 7’s. That collective for him is a tragedy, to some.

What do you do about it as a South African, looking at all of this? How do you prepare yourself? Can you?

You definitely can. I think that you’ve got to look at the whole picture. We are not the first country that has got a bad government and had a person who is not a dictator, but he actually just doesn’t care about the people. Every country’s had that. Look at Bush. What he was doing he wasn’t even thinking. Look at Malema. He doesn’t think. Zuma doesn’t know how to think (with great respect). He can’t read correctly. The people that put him in are also going to have a ripple effect. The people who have been financing him for over 20 years… It’s over. South Africa’s on such an upturn. I’m a loyalist, obviously and I love my country. I’ve travelled to many continents and many countries, and home is home. We look at our weather. We look at how we as a people need to say, “We’ve got all of this. What are we doing with it?”

We expect our electricity to be on all the time. We need to have a correction with ourselves, of how we use it, and how we abuse it.

You mentioned Malema.


He’s someone no doubt, that you’ve also had a look at.

Oh, definitely. He’s born on the 3/3/1981. He’s not going into a good year. He’s gong into.. There’s work, position, and title but there’s an argument. If I look at EFF, they were born on the 17/8/2013 and the turbulence that they’ve had is not over. It’s like COPE. There was a power struggle. i.e. who’s in charge, what are they doing, and where are they going? They need to get a focus and they’re still going to go into their birthday next year. They’re going to be directionless. They’re going to be running around obviously, getting people to vote. I’m never going to say ‘don’t vote’ if you believe in the EFF because that is about the balance and the correction etcetera. These people can’t just come to us when it’s time to vote, to say who they are and what they’re doing. They need to be doing 24/7. That’s why they’re there. They are our civil servants. We pay their salaries.

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Are they going to gain in power, though?

I think they’re going to gain. I think the ANC’s going to lose but I think the DA’s going to gain hugely.

Why? How are you seeing this?

Numerically, where the DA is…They were born on the 24th of June and it’s so interesting because they’ve got a hidden aspect, which is a double 6 and the new DA head (Mmusi) is born on 6/6, so he is in line with the DA. They’re going into the collective. They’re going into a time of gain. They’re going into a time to get the people to hear the story they have, which is actually everybody’s story in this country. It’s the same story. We still have to hold them accountable, though. We can’t just vote for them and now wait. Today, people are saying on the news and radio stations, “How can we do something about what Zuma’s doing with the new appointment of David van Rooyen and Nene going?” There’s just this whole shift. I think he’s trying to protect himself, but it’s too late. I think that the EFF is going to gain somewhat but I still think there are problems inside of the EFF.

They’re newborn. They haven’t really found their feet or their legs, etcetera. They’ve got a name out there. Their rhetoric – Malema got it from Winnie. A lot of people are so scared that Winnie would come into power. Not in her numbers. Malema coming into power? Not in his numbers.

That’s South Africa. Then you kind of hang tough for the next few months. It’s going to get worse.

Hang tough. Actually, I think that it’s going to get better. I don’t think it’s going to get worse. It’s going to get better.

So, we’re rock bottom now but we might bump along for a while until October next year.

In October, you’ll actually start to see the Rand turn. You’ll start to see the economy turn. You’re going to start to see the beginning of a positive rhetoric, which is good.

Just to the north of us, we have the oldest President for life on earth – Robert Mugabe. Has he got another good year ahead of him?

No. Unfortunately, Zimbabwe was born on the 18th of April 1980. They’re going into the year of death, endings, and restructuring. When I speak of death, this can be a physical death. Death is always a transformation. They are going into their life path so they’re going into a really dark period. There’s going to be internal restructuring and political restructuring, but the country’s going into [probably] its lowest. There are triple 4’s with a 22 because there are power numbers in numerology. They are landlocked and everything about their numbers has to do with the earth. That land and what is in the earth, what can be put into it, taken out of it, and built on it, etcetera. It’s going to be a rebuild so there’s going to be a restructure (political restructure). I think that Mugabe’s not going to be in power. I don’t think he’s going to survive, actually.

His health is failing fast. He’s born on the 21st of February and this could happen any day that he could go.

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So, there is hope for those who are looking for a rejuvenation of Zimbabwe, but it’s going to take time.

Totally. It’s going to be restructuring of their finances. It’s going to be restructuring of absolutely everything about Zimbabwe. Actually, it’s interesting that Mugabe has had over 20 years to do the land balance and he chose not to, but neither did the people. The people who owned the land didn’t step up either. That was the deal when he came into power: that there would be a redistribution, but nobody did it. When he was losing power, he had to gain power by taking land away, which is so destructive. Guess what, though? Mugabe goes to bed the same as Zuma (a number 5) and sleeps. He really isn’t bothered.

What about other parts of the world? When we go further afield…perhaps Africa as a whole. Do you do much work on this continent?

I do a lot, especially when it comes to soccer because I get badgered about the soccer and all the rest of it. I haven’t brought that information along with me, but I do all the countries. You can see where they are politically. You can see the weather patterns. You can see what is happening and the Southern hemisphere (from next year) is where you should be investing. That is where the growth is. It’s South America and Africa and the powers that be haven’t got anywhere to invest because they’ve been throwing money at countries like Africa, where the Chinese etcetera, have come in, got to the ground level because of what they want and there’s been some kind of a deal where people on the ground have also benefitted. That’s what America, U.K. and Europe have not been doing. Now they’re going to be a bit too late to start getting in because of the powers that have gotten in already.

They always say… What is the saying by America and China? America is the credit card and China is the bank. They drop the bonds. America’s in serious trouble. They would put the Dollar back to gold so people, if you haven’t invested in gold it’s time to get in.

Oh, so you like gold, too?

I like gold.

You mentioned South America. There’ve been some dramatic changes there politically, in the last little while. Was that all…?

That’s all the correction and it’s all because some of those countries are also in their life path. You just look at the whole drug thing etcetera, and it’s just escalated. You look at what’s happening with us. Our electricity: it escalated. The corruption has escalated. Every country’s the same. It just depends where they are and what that energy is, and where the power is of a negative energy. When that happens, there’s always a correction and a sorting out, and it always happens in the year that adds to an 8 or a country or a person in their life path. There’s a lot of big changes. I think the BRICS thing is really a good thing. Look at India. India’s on such an upturn. It’s unbelievable. However, there’s the shift where China was. Did people expect China to stay as number 1, investing and wanting platinum, and steel etcetera? It’s shifting.

Sandy, if we then get back to investing; a moment ago you mentioned gold.


Would you be putting money into shares – South African shares/International shares?

I would want to have gold. For example, I’ve been in gold for a long time and my shares are good. To own gold is obviously better and I think it’s going to become more accessible. I know that overseas, you can go to a machine and buy your piece of gold. I think gold is going to be the safe haven because of what is starting to happen. The New York Stock Exchange is going back to where it was before what happened in 2010. Whenever a global year adds to a 3 is when America crashes, but it starts before. New York Stock Exchange is where the trouble is brewing. This time around, they’re not going to get away with it. They start from their birthday, which is the 17th of whatever next year. I can’t think of it right now. They go into a fall. They’re a life path 5. They’re going to go into a 5 by 2017. Be on your guard. I would say that if you’re investing overseas, spread your load.

Don’t go in for anything specific. Look at the Swiss Franc. It has attached to the Dollar. It could also just detach. The Euro’s not good. Australia’s going to have some huge problems. Southern hemisphere: we’re good to go. South Africa is a fabulous country and we’re not landlocked. We have a power. We are a gateway. That’s why we will never have a war here. America, South America, and China: we’re a gateway. We are prime.

If we were to sum everything up, the rest of the world looks like it’s in for a difficult time going into the future, but South Africa is going to rocky, bite the bullet, and come out of it well.

Without a doubt. Just to give people this one thing: there is one commodity that’s probably going to be the biggest. It started in 2000 because 2000 to 2999… Mother Nature’s water is breaking so she is shifting and everything is about water. It’s almost a bit too late but it’s never too late. Water is going to be the most expensive commodity. People need to get in tune. Our warning is here. We had a warning many, many years ago. It’s back. Don’t take it for granted. See what you can do and how you can actually improve everything about water. Can you buy water? You have to invest in machines that can transpose salt water to distilled water to drinking water. It’s a huge commodity.

Fascinating talking to Sandy Smith as we look forward to getting back next year and going through all her predictions, and then having a look at how accurate you are. You might find yourself with a whole new legion of followers. Before you go, where can people pick you up – at what radio stations?

Let me give you my website. It’s On my website is my email address and contact details. My twitter handle is @SandyNumerology. I’m on Facebook – Sandy’s Numerology. I’m on Radio 2000 twice a month but I’ll only be back in the New Year from round about the 12th of January. I’m on SAFM with Shadow Twala the last Thursday of every month, from 1:00 to 2:00.

Sandy Smith, South Africa’s foremost numerologist giving us some insights into what 2016 will hold.

Thank you, Alec.

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