RW Johnson’s message of hope: As end of catastrophic ANC rule draws nearer, far better awaits South Africa

A comment under an RW Johnson contribution to BizNews describes South Africa’s former Oxford Don as “the most astute political analyst we have”. Johnson’s level-headed, rational assessment of SA politics is evident in this fascinating discussion on two of his articles recently published on the website – the first on the ANC Conference; the second about Eskom. Johnson’s conclusion: both are examples of chaos which is accompanying the end of the ANC’s “catastrophic” rule – together with hope that its replacement will herald a significant improvement for the country’s citizens. He spoke to Alec Hogg of BizNews.

Timestamps below

00:57 – 02:37 RW Johnson on the ANC conference

02:59 – 04:11 On ANC in 2024

04:49 – 06:28 On Eskom

07:19 – 09:06 On migration to the Western Cape 

09:35 – 11:14 Private sector

11:43 – 13:52 What is the long run?

14:10 – 14:58 End to race based legislation

15:25 – 08:51 Rob Hersov on gas

19:07 – 20:28 A better future

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