Breaking News: Herman Mashaba wants DA City of Joburg mayorship in 2016

Statement by Herman Mashaba 

I have decided to announce that I am making myself available as Mayoral Candidate for the Democratic Alliance for city of Johannesburg 2016.

For too long I have watched from the side-lines at how corrupt and self-serving ANC politicians have mismanaged Johannesburg — Africa’s most vibrant economic powerhouse.

Herman Mashaba

I believe that it is time that hard working and honest people make themselves available for public service. In the spirit I am prepared to throw in 100% of my effort into the bid to be the DA’s Mayoral Candidate. It is my hope that the city will once again be the beacon of light for the whole of Africa and a safe haven for its own citizens.

I am beyond concerned at the unemployment that exists in this city and believe that the DA has the policies and processes to arrest the current hopelessness created by unemployment. Unemployment is unacceptably high in the city that is the economic hub of the continent.

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Corruption simply has to be eradicated. The DA wants to ensure that the city’s considerable assets and income are not wasted, mismanaged, or squandered, but are instead harnessed to the benefit of those who live and want to work in the city.

Those areas that do not enjoy efficient service delivery have to be addressed with greater urgency and speed and the only party capable of delivering services in the current landscape of dysfunctional facilities and infrastructure is the DA, as has been proven by their excellent performance in the Western Cape.

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I am committed to supporting the DA in their endeavour to win the city of Johannesburg in the 2016 election. All the people of Johannesburg deserve better, and only the DA can address the residents’ concerns for crime, poverty, joblessness, corruption, and service delivery. The ANC have had 21 years to deliver. I believe that it is high time that the DA is given an opportunity to deliver for the citizens of Johannesburg.

The latest removal of Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene clearly confirms the lack of leadership with foresight and concern for the country.

It is time for change.

Herman Mashaba