Malema: By ignoring Constitution, Zuma is pushing SA towards a failed state

The contradiction called Julius Malema is hard at work ahead of Saturday’s launch of his EFF’s election manifesto. While democrats would have been horrified to see his Al Jazeera interview last night, they would also cheer yesterday’s message to residents of the emerging middle class Midrand suburb of Ebony Park. Malema explained that without adherence to the Constitution, South Africa will end up a failed state where soldiers will be above the law and eventually SA citizens will move to other countries, much like a situation where African immigrants come here. That message will resonate a lot more strongly than anything else opposition parties have used to explain the danger inherent in President Jacob Zuma brushing off the scathing Constitutional Court judgement. Malema is erratic and he is a dangerous populist. But there’s no doubting his connection to the electorate, reflected in a talent to engage in language they understand. – Alec Hogg

By Karabo Ngoepe

Pretoria – Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema, said those who campaigned and paved the way for President Jacob Zuma to occupy the top seat in the ANC and country told him to leave after his first term ended.

Julius Malema, leader of the leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party speaks during an interview with Reuters in Johannesburg, January 27, 2016. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko
Julius Malema, leader of the leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party speaks during an interview with Reuters in Johannesburg, January 27, 2016. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

“We are the ones who led the campaign that Zuma must be president but when he made mistakes, we are the ones who went to him and said ‘you wanted to be a president for one term, the term is done. Don’t stand for the second term’,” Malema told residents of Ebony Park on Sunday.

“That’s what made some of us fight with Zuma. He said the public wanted him and he is going back for a second term. We said that will not happen and if you do, we will chase you until you’re gone because we put you there.”

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Malema visited the area to hear residents’ complaints ahead of his party’s manifesto launch. After listening to the issues raised, Malema said they would look into them and promised them change.

Protect the Constitution

During his address, he called on South Africans to stand and protect the Constitution. He said those who had supported Zuma on his way to the president’s seat regretted the decision.

“We are in the process of correcting that terrible mistake. It was a nightmare; it was a miscarriage of history that should never have happened. It is a powerful thing that we must learn from and don’t repeat that mistake. We are correcting history. Don’t allow them [ANC] to destroy the Constitution because without it we are nothing,” said Malema.

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He told the crowd that if they were not careful, the country would end up with a situation where police and soldiers did as they pleased with no consequences. He was referring to the Constitutional Court ruling that found Zuma had breached his oath of office. He said people had to safeguard the Constitution at all costs.

Failed state

“The day we don’t have a Constitution, that is the day soldiers will get into Ebony Park and rape our women then when we try to complain we are told they are untouchable. Police will be untouchable. The Zumas will be untouchable. We will be another failed state.

“Without a Constitution, the family of the president will be richer than the whole country. Where when civil servants must be paid and government doesn’t have money, the president borrows government money. Our economy is going down because the Constitution is under threat,” said Malema.

“The African people that you keep fighting with during xenophobia are not here because they love this country, they are here because their countries have failed. You will be like them. You will run from here and go to other countries. You must defend it today through your vote, through your protest to say anyone who breaks the Constitution can never be your friend,” he added. – News24