Electioneering Zuma Style – Don’t waste vote on others, ANC will win anyway

So now we have two reasons why South Africans must vote for the ANC. Its leader, deeply flawed President Jacob Zuma, says the party will win the election anyway so it is senseless to waste your vote on an another party. Besides, putting your cross on the ballot anywhere other than for the ANC, says Zuma, is supporting opposition parties who are “angry” or “disrespectful to elders”. Huh? That’s the best the Gupta-befriended King of Nkandla can muster?  Newsflash Mr Zuma. Of course South Africans are angry. Rampant corruption and five years of economic stagnation tends to do that to people. As for “disrespectful to elders” – South Africa’s average age is 25, a couple generations away from Zuma (74) and the other members of the ANC’s Top Six (all over 60 years old), a group which is obviously out of touch with the demands of modernity in this rapidly changing world. Zuma’s electioneering smacks of arrogance, or treating those who put him and his cronies into power as sheeple – voting fodder bought with a tee-shirt and piece of vetkoek. The ANC appears to be relying on emotion, loyalty and fear-mongering. Democrats will be hoping its leadership have under-estimated the disgust of those subjected to its misrule. If not, they may have to accept the oft stated reality that the country gets the Government it deserves. – Alec Hogg

By Amanda Khoza

Pietermaritzburg – President Jacob Zuma on Sunday told thousands of people during the party’s KwaZulu-Natal manifesto launch that voting for any other party would be wasting a vote.

“No one else is going to win the elections but the ANC. If you vote for any other party, what will you be voting for? They are not in government and they will never be so there is nothing that they will do for you.

South African President Jacob Zuma addresses supporters of his ruling African National Congress (ANC), at a rally to launch the ANC's local government election manifesto in Port Elizabeth, April 16, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings
South African President Jacob Zuma addresses supporters of his ruling African National Congress (ANC). REUTERS/Mike Hutchings

“If you vote for them you are throwing away your vote, you are not investing it,” said Zuma, who was speaking at the Harry Gwala stadium in Pietermaritzburg.

Zuma said ANC members should go out and encourage people to vote for the August 3 elections.

“This thing called power, there are different levels, if you win overwhelmingly, you change everyone’s lives.”

Zuma said the organisation needed everyone’s votes.

A jibe aimed at the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Democratic Alliance, Zuma said some people were angry.

“They are confused and angry, why would you vote for anger? Others are there to disrupt people’s lives and parliament and they don’t respect you, why would you vote for them.

“Why would you vote for someone who has no respect, they don’t even know the difference between the elderly and the youth.”

He said those people, presumably talking about the EFF, did not respect other parties.

We are coming

“You are voting to encourage disrespect in South Africa? There are others are campaigning for one thing, they are talking about unemployment and are in parliament to earn a salary,” he said presumably talking about the DA.

Zuma said the ANC was the only party that would change things in South Africa.

Zuma said while the ANC had done well in the last five years, they could do better.

“If you have not received services, we are coming because as the government, we want you to wait, we are coming.”

He said the Statistics South Africa released a report on the financial performance of municipalities and the results were very encouraging.

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“In this province, some of the key achievements in the 2014/15 financial year over 2.1 households have access to portable water, more than 1.7 million households acre connected to the electricity grid, over 2 million households were connected to sanitation networks and 1.5 million households had access to solid waste management services.”

Zuma said the household did not pay for the services because they were indigent.

He also encouraged South Africans to be more positive about the country.

“We need to promote and protect our country and spread the news that our country is doing well, this is true and a fact.”

Zuma also told the gathering that KwaZulu-Natal was important to the ANC.

He called on ANC members to be disciplined and told them to accept the outcomes of the party’s democratic processes. – News24

Source: http://www.news24.com/Elections/News/voting-for-another-party-would-be-wasting-a-vote-zuma-20160612