Zondo Commission: Cash is king in Bosasa’s industrial-scale corruption

By Michael Appel

Sustaining a criminal enterprise requires lots of cash to pay bribes. The Zondo Commission report details how controversial facilities management group Bosasa almost turned getting their hands on cash into a full-time gig, paying an estimated R76m to South Africa’s corrupt over 16 years.

The third tranche of findings to come out of the State Capture Inquiry is divided into four volumes and deals exclusively with various aspects of Bosasa’s alleged criminality. In total, the third volume is close to a thousand pages, making it impossible to condense into one explainer piece.


Between 2000 and 2016, Bosasa would rake in over R2.3bn in tenders. According to Bosasa’s former Chief Operations Officer, Angelo Agrizzi, the company paid out millions in bribes to government officials, ANC heavyweights, and functionaries within state-owned entities.

In part one of this explainer series on Bosasa, the vast majority of evidence you’ll hear comes from Agrizzi. He spent more time on the stand at the inquiry than any other witness – a total of 13 days. Inquiry Chairperson Raymond Zondo ultimately found that Agrizzi’s evidence is corroborated in various respects by the testimony of other witnesses, documentation, and video proof.

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