Argentina’s President shakes Davos elites – highlights of Milei’s watershed address

Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei, chose the podium at Davos for his first international appearance – and his message could hardly have been more explicit: Western civilisation is in grave danger. In a brilliant 23-minute discourse, the libertarian economist explained how abdication to a political elite threatens to put prosperous Western societies on a path to socialist destruction. BizNews editor Alec Hogg shares his insights and the highlights of the watershed address.

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By Alec Hogg

Virtually every year for the last two decades, my late January was spent at the World Economic Forum’s in Davos, Switzerland. This year a family commitment took priority. Watching remotely, I got to wondering whether the time and expense of travelling to Europe’s highest town every year was worth it. Zero FOMO. Until today. 

As a rational being long bemused by mankind’s inability to see the economically obvious, I’ve watched the rise of the libertarian economist Javier Milei with excitement. Milei’s good fortune is that he is an Argentine – a nation hammered by socialist claptrap for so long it has finally reached rock bottom. He has become a symbol of hope for a country long cursed with economic idiocy. 

Most people could care less about politics. That’s why so world is full of full-on autocrats and their devious cousins who have used flawed election processes to acquire control over their fellows. The great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said “Wherever I found the living, there I found the will to power.” In far too many democracies, we the people have facilitated this by abdicating our responsibility.

But no longer in Argentina where a nothing-to-lose electorate broke all the rules by installing the radical libertarian Milei into the highest office of the land. That led to his Davos invitation – and today’s extraordinary speech which rips off the veneer disguising the truth that, globally, a privileged political elite has been progressively driving once prosperous nations into poverty. 

The speech is  an 18 minute economics lecture followed by a powerful conclusion. You can access the whole speech below, and I suggest you do.

Watch here – commentary and highlights

Listen here – the full speech

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