MUST WATCH: The 5 Best Nando’s ads of all time

As a Friday treat we thought that we would add some cheer to your life as the weekend kicks off. Nando’s most recent ‘No Blue Light Brigade’ ad has reached over 500,000 views, having had the nation in hysterics. Nando’s has been producing quality comedy advertising for years now, and each one of their ads is bound to bring you a few laughs – especially when they poke fun at the idiosyncrasies of the Rainbow Nation. Here we have a selection of the best Nando’s ads based on Youtube viewsย – enjoy! – LF

5. Nando’s athletes: the race between the car guard and the shopper.

4. Nando’s controversial ad, poking fun at the genius that is Julius Malema.

3. The Nando’s anthem – white people’s favourite, Nkalakatha.

2. This highly contested cracker: “Last Dictator Standing”

1. And in the number one spot, the Nando’s Diversity ad, sitting at over 1m views on Youtube.