BizNews’ best of 2023: SAPS Whistleblower Patricia Morgan-Mashale

In an explosive interview with BizNews journalist Chris Steyn in July this year, SAPS whistleblower Patricia Morgan-Mashale shared her story with the world. Over 300,000 people have watched the interview on YouTube and have shown their support and admiration for Morgan-Mashale’s courage, integrity and goodness. A former Senior Administration Clerk in the Firearm Registry in the Free State, Patricia had to go into hiding after repeatedly trying to expose “massive” corruption in SAPS. Constantly keeping tabs on the story, Chris Steyn hosted many follow-up interviews and has kept a firm finger on the pulse of the story. You can catch up on all of the SAPS Whistleblower content through the hyper-links below.

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Catch up on all of BizNews’ SAPS Whistleblower content:

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