🔒 Alec Hogg: Seeking new voices from BizNews community

The tweets above from two of our rockstar presenters at last week’s BizNews Investment conference, nudged me into breaking the mould on Tuesday evening. With your help we can accelerate the process. Allow me to explain.

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For decades, media platforms have effectively acted as walled gardens accessible only to a tiny ”quotable” elite. The internet opened this up, but a mixture of familiarity, risk-aversion and laziness means producers keep calling the same numbers. Like on business shows, where that day’s results-reporting CEOs are the prized targets.

We took a different approach on Tuesday’s BizNews Power Hour by asking Boston City Campus CEO Ari Katz for context on financials released by his JSE-listed competitors. It was a revelation. Ari, the ultimate insider, shared what is really happening in his sector. Adding exponentially more value than those scripted and mostly boring reporting CEOs.

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So back to Nick Hudson’s tweet, which attests to a community full of fascinating people with deep insight into their own fields. We’d love to show them/you off. So if you’re prepared to share your knowledge, please let me know. And next time there’s a related news event, we’ll “do another Ari.” Mail [email protected]

  • PS A cracking BPH last night dominated by a brutally honest interview with former Steinhoff chairman Christo Wiese. Here’s the link to the full recording https://open.spotify.com/episode/3HJpL4xma4KGJNL5z54n4L
  • PPS If you don’t live in Cape Town (where we’re on FMR) and would like to catch the BPH as it happens, please bookmark the livestream link: https://iono.fm/s/141

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