🔒 Alec Hogg: Heeding warnings, changing BizNews Share portfolio

BizNews Share Portfolio

Today is the 75th webinar updating the BizNews Share portfolio (above). Which is appropriate, as it will also be one of the more active of these monthly events. We’ll be making more changes today than ever before.

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Since its launch in December 2014, the portfolio has been managed on the basis that the ownership period for every stock is “forever”. That means churn has been very low, with sales only conducted when fundamentals alter within the business invested in. On average, there have been less than two changes a year.

Today, however, we are heeding blaring sirens from a stock market where certain sectors are overheated. So by this portfolio’s standards we’ll be doing some rather radical surgery. I’ll explain the reasoning in some detail in the webinar later.

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So if you can make it today, please join me at noon. The webinar, scheduled for the last Tuesday of every month (please diarise), is only for Premium members. It’s also interactive, so come armed with tough questions ready.

For your listening and viewing pleasure…

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