🔒 Alec Hogg: Thanks for keeping faith Cyril, so should we

Not for the first time, South Africa breathed a collective sigh of relief this week when its president resisted the urge to tighten the Covid-19 related lockdown, ignoring shrill demands from the left. So, the hospitality industry’s much needed Easter holiday boost goes ahead, sparing the economy further harm.

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For most, the ANC elective conference in December 2017 is a distant memory. Except for cynics, of course, who love to say reaction to Zuma’s ousting – Ramaphoria – was overdone. Perhaps. But like every seismic shift, while it was over-estimated in the short-term, the long-term impact was under-estimated.

Ramaphosa’s decision to go easy over Easter, the likely cause for the unexpected resignation of his Covid Tzar, would have been shaped by economic data. Primarily charts like the one above by Stanlib chief economist Kevin Lings, which plots where SA’s economy is heading (by using “leading indicators”).

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Their track record tells us Zuma and his cronies wouldn’t have bothered with such niceties. Given the plundering cabal’s real intentions – laid bare in mountains of evidence at the Zondo Commission they would have used any excuse to tighten a lockdown. Cyril Ramaphosa, instead, relied on the facts and has acted in the national interest. He is keeping the faith. So should we.

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