🔒 Premium: Why Herman Mashaba deserves to become Joburg’s Mayor again

Now that the seat numbers are official and one third of SA’s local councils are up for grabs, I’m hoping egos will be put aside and sanity prevail among opposition politicos. Because a historic opportunity exists to create a permanent impression among still naive voters in this young democracy.

These parties should grab the unique opportunity presented by the impact on the ANC of a historically low turnout (down 21% on the IEC’s absolutely final data). This can be done to cement the concept of good governance in future and ruthlessly expose abuses of the past. Achieving this is predicated on actually securing power. That will require compromises favouring the greater good. Rationality over emotion.

This is especially necessary in Johannesburg where past animosities could yet derail an obvious and potentially permanent transfer of power away from a corrupt and incompetent ANC. Assessing the data favours a returning of the Mayoral chain to Herman Mashaba (above, opening #BNIC1), rather than making this the deal-breaker in the obvious alliance between his party the DA, which appears to be resisting the notion.

It is instructive that in Johannesburg, Mashaba’s ActionSA received a chunky 38,000 more votes for Mayor (the second form) than candidates in wards. The DA (12k), EFF (9k) and ANC (7k) all received less Mayoral votes than in their wards. In other words, tens of thousands of Johannesburg residents took the unusual step of abandoning their own mayoral candidates to support Mashaba. That should speak volumes. Especially to the DA.

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