Mailbox: Open Letter to Helen Zille – Impeach Zuma in Constitutional Court

Biznews community member Richard Midgley has put together a nine point budget plan, which he suggests Western Cape premier Helen Zille should use as a consolidated budget for the upcoming elections. Wigley writes an open letter to Zille, calling on her to pursue President Jacob Zuma’s impeachment through the Constitutional Court. He highlights some key events, showing how the President has not upheld his oath of office. – Stuart Lowman

By Richard Midgley

Dear Honourable Premier

I am now writing to further explore the prospect of impeaching Zuma, which I don’t believe should be done in Parliament, as he has not upheld his oath of Office – and thus the Impeachment should be through the Constitutional Court.


The Nene saga doesn’t need any fleshing out and regardless of the Presidency’s defence, the perception is that President Zuma was a ‘no show’ for an important panel discussion on Africa, with resultant bad press for the country.

Part two of this letter, which precedes this, shows he did not uphold the laws and constitution in the Al-Bashir case, which is an impeachable offence. The Nene issue certainly didn’t protect South Africa and brought us into disrepute.

Listed below are nine points for a consolidated budget proposal for the DA to utilize in the upcoming elections. I know there aren’t any original points in this listing but when consolidated I’m pretty sure there can be an election campaign base – that will appeal to the middle class.

  1. President, Deputy President, Premiers Vehicles and Residence Security are entitled to one back up vehicle plus driver and protection services at Government Housing. Remove all security and back up cars from all ministers – Municipal, Provincial and National – from their houses and cars and ban blue lights and escorts – unless approved on a case by case basis through an application to a statutory body. All VIP Police that are released from this to revert to normal SAPS deployment – which SAPS is currently recruiting for, so this is a tangible saving. Ministers allowed to have a state driver and all surplus cars to be sold and monies returned to fiscus.
  2. No private aeroplane usage by anybody – any exception to be approved by a statutory body – current VIP fleet to be sold and monies returned to fiscus. President and Vice President to fly first Class while all Ministers and MEC’s fly business class.
  3. Consolidate all ministerial Housing in Cape Town for Parliamentary Sessions to Fernwood, in Newlands. Build required ministerial house in Government Estate at Fernwood and sell all the current housing and return funds to fiscus. This will standardize housing and provide one complex for ease and cost effective safety, communication, maintenance and transportation of minors etc.
  4. Reduce cabinet to 17 ministers and limit the number of deputy ministers (The United States has 17 secretaries – surely we don’t need more than them?)
  5. Nobody can be suspended for more than 3 months on full pay, after 3 months automatically re-instated.
  6. No state legal expenses to be incurred if defendant is charged in personal capacity and not in line of duty. For example Jackie Selebi was charged for corruption in his personal capacity but SAPS paid his bill. which was meant to be recovered when all his court challenges  were unsuccessful, from his pension, which never happened and which has been an ongoing situation with Zuma. We are paying for all his delaying tactics but the charges are in his personal capacity.
  7. Set and agree a debt level of the government, which cannot be exceeded
  8. No Ministry (National, Provincial or Municipal) may have an issue with a a Qualified Audit Report for the same Department 2 years in a row. All audit reports must have actionable steps to be taken by an Accounting Officer within an agreed timeframe. Any deviation must result in the Political Head as well as Accounting Officer to be disciplined in terms of the Performance Contract of each Accounting Officer and by which Performance Bonus are paid. Performance Contract to include the Audit Clause and all contracts to be Published so public know what priorities are.
  9. Office Bearer Spousal Support is not just because of President Zuma but is to contain costs and must be limited to the Office Bearer plus nominated Partner and Children were it is an applicable perk.

I trust that this might be useful and respectfully await your comments

Open Letter sent to Helen Zille July 2015

Honourable Premier Helen Zille

I have spent years of frustration listening to the ongoing disaster of our President and have been trying to think of a way to fix the problem.

To summarize the problems that I feel would qualify for a class action impeachment:

  • Appointments to head NPA, which have been successfully overturned in court
  • Appointments to Boards of SOE’s
  • Appointment to Commissioner of SAPS – shockingly bad judgement – which Marikana report highlights
  • Nkandla
  • Delays and disregard for High Court directives relating to “Spy Tapes”
  • Appointing of discredited Officials to higher positions: Bheki Cele and the Official from WaterKloof Air force Base to Ambassador
  • Gupta Gate
  • ICC and Bashir – disregard of Court Orders
  • Brought country into disrepute – fathered a child out of wedlock (Khosa) and rape charges
  • Secret negotiations on Nuclear with Russia
  • Through shocking judgement – separating into 2 ministries – the Communications portfolio – with South Africa the only African nation missing the deadline for migration from Analogue to Digital
  • As CEO of South Africa all Government decisions ultimately end with Zuma and thus whether it is a lower level official (Guptagate or Nkandla) he has to take responsibility for those decisions. If South Africa was a company the CEO would have had to step aside and would face criminal charges over many of these decisions

Looking at the oath of office below there should be enough evidence for a class action impeachment:

In the presence of those assembled here and in full realisation of the high calling I assume as President/Acting President in the service of the Republic of South Africa I, A.B., do hereby swear/solemnly affirm to be faithful to the Republic of South Africa, and do solemnly and sincerely promise at all times to promote that which will advance and to oppose all that may harm the Republic; to obey, observe, uphold and maintain the Constitution and all other Law of the Republic; to discharge my duties with all my strength and talents to the best of my knowledge and ability and true to the dictates of my conscience; to do justice to all; and to devote myself to the well-being of the Republic and all its people.

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