Mailbox: New 4-day work week revolution. A win, win?

A few weeks back we ran a story on 4 day work weeks. In a follow up, Biznews community member Ockie Steyn sends in an upgraded proposal. One that encapsulates the 4 day system but takes it one step further. It won’t work in all industries but may be an answer to some of South Africa’s challenges. Let us know what you think? – Stuart Lowman

From Biznews community member Ockie Steyn

Unemployment in South Africa is a big problem and needs radical thinking and changes to the system.

I suggest a new work week:

This could work in businesses that are open 7 days a week…like shopping malls…24/7 production plants…airport staff…garages…these businesses employ thousands of people.


There will be two groups of employees…those who work Monday to Thursday…and those who work Friday to Sunday.

Both groups will get the SAME salary…the Friday to Sunday group work one day less, but because they work over weekends, they get the same as a four day worker.

The 4-day workers will have a long weekend every week…is that not heaven?

Weekend workers have 4 days off every week.

Workers can choose which group they want to work in, but the more senior employees will have the 1st option on the Monday to Thursday week.

This should not cost companies too much extra money, because they would have had to pay workers 1.5 and double time on Saturdays and Sundays anyway.

OK, some people will earn less per month because they will miss out on Sat and Sun overtime…but MANY more people will be employed…and is that not better for ALL South Africans?

Who would not like a 3-day weekend every week?

Will that not be worth the smaller salary?

Will people not be happier?

People will not be overworked and overtired the whole time.

People will have TIME to enjoy life.

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