Mailbox: Many a Post Office encounter gone wrong; heaven help us

BizNews welcomes opinions and letters from community members. In his response to Alec Hogg’s Daily Insider newsletter, Philip Gray shares his personal experiences with his local Post Office.

By Philip Gray 

This statement says it all and reflects my experience with our Post Office since 2018:

Justice Malala commented: “My experience of the Post Office is that your parcel will be ripped open, the contents stolen, the empty package delivered to the wrong address – and you will spend months at one of its branches paging through a tattered logbook trying to identify your package.” Eisch.

I used to order DVDs and music CDs from and Since 2018 barring two, I never received any of them. Some I never received refunds for due to the time between delivery and when I contacted them. One parcel I found lying on my front lawn and the other one the Post Office counter employee found in one of their filing cabinets. The parcel I found on my front lawn had been opened and then resealed.

In March I thought I would try ordering from again. Well I have not received it. I contacted the seller who said they would send a replacement which will probably also go missing.

Two of the problems with Amazon – be it, and – is that they do not use couriers and tracking numbers. They have a tracking option which just tells you when your parcel left but not where it is. I also purchased a rare music CD via Discogs from a seller in Germany who sent it via registered post from the Deutsche Post. Well I never received it. I used the Deutsche Post tracking number in the SAPO’s website which showed it had left Frankfurt Airport and arrived at ORT. After that nothing. My local Post Office could not find it. They said it had not arrived even after I showed them a printed copy of the tracking information from their website. I only received two thirds of the money I paid back. The seller charged me a refund fee.

I purchase a lot of DVDs and music CDs from a few local online retailers who courier my items to me. Heaven help us if the SAPO succeeds in their court case.

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