Ivermectin: Dr Nathi Mdladla responds to a request for further information

Last week, BizNews interviewed Dr Nkosinathi Mdladla, the head of the ICU at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital and Sefako Makgatho University, together with Professor Colleen Aldous and Dr Pinky Ngcakani to get their professional opinion on the use of Ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. The subject has been fiercely debated over the last 8 months and all three professionals have boldly spoken out in favour of the use of Ivermectin. In the interview, Dr Ngcakani and Dr Mdladla relayed their personal experience using Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 patients. In response to the interview, BizNews received the email below requesting further information from Dr Mdladla on other agents and their prophylactic dosages that he has prescribed to his patients. Dr Mdladla was kind enough to respond to this request – which we have also included in this article. – Nadya Swart

Email correspondence:

Dear Alec,

I hope that this email finds you and your loved ones well.

I watched the interviews you had with regard to the active use of  Ivermectin with great interest, as I used to practise pharmacy and obviously with the rampant virus that has come every closer and claimed the lives of folks I love, as well as having been infected with the virus last year myself, follow any new developments with great interest.

It was mentioned by Dr Mdladla, that using prophylactic Ivermectin, (as is often the case with many drugs), appears to lead to some level of resistance at a point. I would like very much to ask him please, what other agents and their prophylactic dosages he has prescribed, that seem to avoid this development, as this seems critical at this point when many folks are still not fully vaccinated, nor aware of this very real possibility. The development of endless resistant virus mutations, certainly seems to call for urgent and drastic action.

Hoping that you can kindly continue this conversation with the doctors , and many thanks for your endless dedication to make the lives of your fellow countrymen and I am sure many others beyond our borders, better informed and a lot less stressful in so many ways.

Sincerely yours,


Dr Nkosinathi Mdladla’s response:

Thanks for the message and query.

The protocol we are using is the one developed by Prof Borody who has based it on an almost similar concept he used for peptic ulcer prophylaxis with triple therapy to avoid helicobacter pylori resistance over time.

For the SARS CoV2 virus we recommended the use of a combination of Zinc and Doxycycline with Ivermectin when treating patients already sick with the virus.

When taking Ivermectin as prophylaxis. The recommendation is 25-50mg of Zinc daily and 1000iu of Vit D3 daily, together with a 0.2mg/kg dose of Ivermectin on Day 01 and Day 03 then once weekly to about once every two weeks depending on the risk the person faces. Breaks when COVID numbers are low or risk of infection are low is recommended.

I hope that helps.

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