The BizNews tribe has spoken: “There’s no emergency”

By Courtney van der Walt

There are certain fields in which those that stray from the official narrative are instantly shunned as dissidents. Climate change is one of these. Dr Judith Curry, Professor Emeritus and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has become known as one of the outspoken scientists who doubt the “scientific consensus” on climate change. As a result, she was “academically, pretty much finished off” and “essentially unhirable”. However, this didn’t slow down the bold climatologist. BizNews spoke to Curry about her views on climate change and the impact that human beings have had on the planet.

On how far from reality the picture of doom and gloom painted by environmental activists really is

With the recent noise surrounding the questionable procedures surrounding COVID-19, it’s no surprise that members of the BizNews community are sceptical about the threats of climate change. Many BizNews Tribe members praised Dr Judith Curry on calming the global warming panic.

Petra Myburgh said; “I am not even a scientist,  but my goodness,  if no human can realise this is a political motif and nothing else they have to wake up! Fully agree with this lady.”

Karl Gerber said; “Thank you BizNews for this interview with Dr Curry. Mainstream media need to get their heads out of the sand and have more interviews with experts in the field of climatology to calm everyone down to a panic!! Keep up the good work Dr Curry.”

Josie Russell said; “Can we please please hear more from Dr Curry. A voice in the wilderness that needs to be heard.”

K16 said; “Welcome to the great renewables and electric vehicle lie!”

Gusta Beumer said; “I agree that re-production in some countries is a big problem.”

Gabriella R Vlahopoulos/Polisco said; “Best interview ever. spread the word. educate yourselves people and understand that climate change has existed since climate has. ignorance is our enemy. that’s how the political and economic blood suckers get the best of us.”

Ty said; “Well we know that sea level rise is not a concern to the left. Simply look at all of the Libidiots that own ocean front property and that will give you an idea if they think this is a threat. It is not, this is all about controlling the population with fear, and the China virus was a dry run for what they want to do in the name of “so called” climate hoax.”

Rob Charlton said; “She’s right. This climate emergency panic is all just hot air.”

Truth Extractor said; “Climate Emergency / Global Warming Emergency is a bigger hoax than Covid. Covid was driven by big pharma lackeys. Climate Change hoax is driven by industrialist lackeys. Curry is correct in her summation – there is nothing we can do to change what we’ve done and we actually have very little or even zero impact on the earth’s climate. Climate change is cyclical. Always has been, since the beginning of life on earth.”

Molotov said; “Great interview, thanks. Hard to beat common sense.”

Carbonicus said; “It occurs to me the biggest parallel between “climate change” and Covid-19(84) is how the “precautionary principle” is used to sow fear and panic and thus get people to cede power over the individual to the State, all under some faux altruist mantra of “saving even one life” and similar drivel.”

A Call for Honesty said; “Over the past number of years I have read various articles by Dr Judith Curry and found her reasoning careful and cogent, quite a contrast to the alarmist reports in the media. Proper scientific endeavour does not decide what the conclusions should be and then find whatever supports this or adjust the data to fit. Every scientific hypothesis needs to be tested and verified by repeated experiments. One relatively easy one is that more CO2 promotes plant and tree growth and not the converse. When underground water is found and tapped in the hottest areas plants flourish and create a micro climate. As long as we have the ingenuity to adapt, any climate changes do not have to threaten human existence.”

Gloria said; “Brilliant interview once again, Nadya. You’re a star! You know all the right questions to ask. Just one I would have been interested to know her thoughts on, is geo-engineering. Maybe next time”

“You don’t have to be a scientist to experience and know climate change is real and a major threat!”

Some members of the BizNews community stood firm in their belief on global warming and voiced concern at down-playing the seriousness of climate change.

B 2 said; “Yes, because year after year floods in the driest place in SA is totally normal, right?”

Cyril Xolani said; “She is denying global warming or climate change 😂 first time hearing this and it’s fascinating. Similar to flat earth believers”

disqus_ky8vtfPjLn said; “We know that the world is getting hotter. 2010-2020 was the warmest decade on record, with 2016, 2019 and 2020 being the top three hottest years.”

Debby Tenquist said; “Read the article ! How can you give this appalling perspective any credence.”

Shaun Lobban said; “Living in a dream world. Been massive climate events in my home town in the past few years and a shift in weather patterns. You don’t have to be a scientist to experience and know climate change is real and a major threat!”

Debby Tenquist said; “Of course it is a bad thing. Polar ice caps melting faster than predicted, unpredictable weather patterns, flooding and droughts killing millions and making even more homeless and creating a huge climate refugee problem. How can you give airtime to this nonsense?”

disqus_ky8vtfPjLn said; “Judith “I do receive some funding from the fossil fuel industry” Curry. LMAO! Curry is funded by the fossil fuel industry to spread climate denialist propaganda.”

What are your thoughts on Dr Judith Curry’s take on the ‘manufactured scientific consensus’ on climate change? Share your views below.

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