Community Speaks Out: Property – ‘no thanks, put your money elsewhere’

The BizNews community has spoken up about Magnus Heystek’s article “Property – a destroyer of wealth.” Heystek has explained why he is avoiding SA property investments – seeing it as the most destructive asset class – and the community has voiced their opinions on the matter.

You can watch the follow-up interview on Magnus’ viral article below:

Some responses include:

Some responses also delve into the nature of property in the Western Cape:

SA Property and the ANC:

BigThief responded with:

“Just think of the ANC mindset that says wealth for the small ANC elite only and everyone else be damned. They make Apartheid look like child’s play by comparison. The ANC is PURE EVIL.”

and, “Property under an ANC regime is a wealth destroyer. A system rigged against the ordinary citizen and his hopes of wealth creation and a better future. For the ordinary Black man and his hopes for the future, surely, the ANC is enemy number one. ‘A worse life for all’.”

Pier_Crew replied:

“A perfect storm is brewing and the stars align, SARB rates increases backed on data from a failed state, rates and taxes increases to pay for deployed cadres, inflation climbing steadily and food production effected by the load shedding. Then the catalyst, unemployment, may it be for the youth or old, it will kickstart a path of destruction and you are correct, property outside of the WC, will be an albetros. 
SASSA granters is the ignition, and it has been lit. 
Best is to print maps to the ANC NEC residential properties, when the mob comes.”

One member has given insight into a firsthand experience:

Finally, this comment seems to wrap up the overall hopes for our nation:

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