Mailbox: Steenhuisen’s call for vote of no confidence – time to unite against destructive ANC government

From BizNews community member Melinda Hunt

John Steenhuisen’s letter is probably the best thing he has ever written, and the most important document for South Africa to see right now. Time is of the essence as Cyril Ramaphosa will destroy this country before we get to the elections! The lies and coverups emanating from those in power leaves one speechless! 

If ever there was a time for a vote of no confidence in the ANC government, it is now. How dare they presume that South Africans agree with the support of the Russian aggression, murder, and outright destruction of a sovereign country like Ukraine? Did the ANC call a referendum? Even amongst themselves, I doubt that there is universal support for this horrific tactic. It is long overdue that the opposition parties put their own egos away, combine forces, and get on with the job of ridding this country of these leeches.

So many people worked diligently, hard and long to build South Africa into a respected and successful member of a just society, all to be destroyed by avarice, greed and lust for power by a small, truly demented few. A few who do not stop to realise that Russia will destroy them in seconds once Putin achieves control of his global aspirations. I have just read Bill Browder’s brilliant, but rather disconcerting, book on how Putin goes about attempting to destroy anyone no longer useful, or crossing his path.

I sign off in some despair and frustration.

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