BizNews Community Speaks: Valumax, Mashatile, Jooste and R5bn Tambo Springs – Nortje connects the dots

In the wake of News24’s Mashatile Unmasked exposĆ©, Alec Hogg’s interview with Port of Gauteng developer Francois Nortje gathered a lot of traction. Nortje revealed links and connected the dots between Valumax Projects’ founding director Francois Bekker, Deputy President Paul Mashatile, ex-Steinhoff executives Markus Jooste and Danie van der Merwe and the central focus of the interview – the Tambo Springs development project. Valumax responded to the interview with a stern statement, but no interview of their own. Similarly, Willie Els, chairman of the Tambo Springs Logistics Gateway development, provided an equally firm response. But most importantly, with over 100,000 YouTube views and hundreds of comments across our platforms, the BizNews tribe had their say about the scandal. Most were unsurprised by the overt corruption on display, many praised Nortje for calling out the shady business and some raised concerns about his stake in the story given the Tambo Springs development is a direct competitor to his Port of Gauteng. The best of the BizNews Community’s responses are curated below.

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Endemic corruption in South Africa? No way!

Many members of the BizNews tribe couldn’t help but feign their surprise that such deep-rooted dodgy business could be taking place within our borders.

Perplexed of Plett revealed his disbelief under the .com article:

“Jooste in cahoots with corrupt ANC? … Never!”


@Fishstycz on YouTube shared a similar sentiment, and also praised Rob Hersov’s calling out of the ANC-appeasing SA big business.

“Corruption within the ANC leadership?… Who would have thought? But seriously, so much of big business SA has been as complicit in corruption as our dear leaders have… Hersov’s vocal criticism of them is spot on.”


But what’s Francois Nortje’s stake in all of this?

Despite his thorough research and carefully outlined explanation, Nortje did garner some scepticism from the BizNews comment sections – but so is the nature of the internet.

GrootBlouBek bluntly expressed his pessimism

“Sounds like a lot of sour grapes from a disgruntled competitor”

GrootBlouBek on WordPress

And @2scary2see on YouTube, happened upon an intriguing conclusion, seeing no issue with the deluge of concerning information that Nortje revealed.

“I canā€™t see what the problem is. This man is just bitter that there is competition.”


Thank you, Francois!

Most abundant in the comment sections though, the BizNews Community praised Nortje for his bravery in calling out corruption and shady business in South Africa. Though it’s difficult to be surprised when dodgy links are connected, the BizNews tribe were persistent in highlighting the need for people to speak up against the corruption and criminality that has become so endemic in the country.

@mybeulah26 on YouTube expressed her gratitude to Nortje.

“Thank you for exposing corruption irrespective of who is involved. Iā€™m not surprised with the ANC / Steinhof link but still disgusted”


With many more following suit

“Not really a surprise..! But thanks for Francois speaking up, it takes some balls to speak out against the political elight in SA.. Even with court cases, the political will isnā€™t there to clear up corruption nor is the judicial system 100% capable to do itā€™s job.”

@johanvanrensburg2436 on YouTube

“Thank you Francois for your bravery.”

@richardcompton2639 on YouTube

“Brilliant gentleman. Well done on this so needed exposure. Stay safe. Thank You.”

@Rhoda-np2jn on YouTube

Where does the corruption end?

Nortje’s interview repeated a notion that we as South Africans are becoming increasingly familiar with: corruption is rife in our country. And the BizNews Community were sure to hammer that point home.

Geoff Smailes shared a humorous sentiment on the subject.

“DieĀ kakistocracy in hierdie land hou net nie op nie !”

@geoffsmailes on disqus

While @juliawitt3813 shared a much more pessimistic take on YouTube

“Sadly the corruption is so endemic….. I am sure they all think that this is ‘ just business’. It is sickening and going on all around the world at the highest levels. Good that this way of doing business is being exposed. But , again , as in all other countries where these cabals operate , there ARE no consequences”


And the “rot” of corruption in SA was a common theme.

“The rot : ever present in South Africa.”

@walterhauser9663 on YouTube

“The whole lot must go to prison. But will they? When the rot is right at the top, never going to happen.”

@nelsonchinasamy9857 on YouTube

“there’s something ‘rotten in the state of denmark”

Greg Shark @gregshark on Disqus

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