Mailbox: Ever increasing reporting and bureaucracy in SA

South African small business faces a bureaucratic nightmare with multiple agencies demanding redundant information. BizNews Community Member Craig Seaman urges South Africans to unite to streamline processes for growth, not hinder them.

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From BizNews Community Member Craig Seaman

Dear SA Business Council and Biznews

I am not sure on which platform to raise this burning issue on, but here goes.

In South Africa we seem to form new reporting requirements by the day which  confuses small business, wastes enormous amounts of time and hampering growth.

Never mind keeping the SAPS busy as each company/person has to regularly go to the SAPS to get certified copies (every 3 months)

Can someone please explain why we have four  “Statutory” organisations in SA all  doing the same/similar function. 

We have the CIPC, BizPortal, SARS and Treasury Central Supplier Database all capturing and demanding similar information annually.

Why is all this information not consolidated into one portal.

This is creating an unbearable administration nightmare and burden on small business and needs to stop.

Please can we get business together to stop this creeping bureaucracy. This is not job creation and is not helping the economy..

We should be innovating and producing 10x  and reporting 1x, not the other way around.

Best Regards

Craig Seaman

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