Mailbox: The unsettling realities under Biden and why Americans support Trump

BizNews community member Peter Dersley has given his own opinion on why so many Americans are supporting Trump over Biden after BizNews’ recent RW Johnson interview provided insights into US issues. Despite disliking Trump personally, Peter says that conservatives witness Biden’s destructive policies on inflation, immigration, WOKE culture, and election interference, and question if they’re better off under Biden than Trump.

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From Peter Dersley

I found the RW Johnson interview interesting.  He is accurate on many of the US issues but let me summarize with an on the ground first hand view of why conservatives are riled up.  We don’t like Trump the person – period!   But we are witnessing the destruction that Biden and his cronies have wreaked on the nation. The question Americans ask is “Are we better off under Biden than we were under Trump”?

The issues are:

  1. Inflation and the Economy.  $140 billion forgiveness of university student loans that will be paid for by working class taxpayers – election year vote buying!
  2. Illegal Immigration. 7 Million illegals have crossed the border in the last three years, registered and given a date up to 8 years in the future to appear before an immigration judge. All have been transported and dropped off in cities throughout the country.  Several airports in large cities are overwhelmed with migrants sleeping in the hallways.  On the first day of school in NY City this year 17,000 children showed up in classrooms with most of them not speaking a word of English.  NY City migrants are being housed in $500 per night hotels and being fed at the expense of taxpayers. So far under Biden’s border policy the number of illegal migrants entering the US surpasses the population of 36 US States.  In addition 2 Million getaways who don’t want be identified have crossed the border. Just reported is that more than 20k Chinese have crossed the border illegally this year.  Fentanyl is flowing and who knows how many terrorists are already here.
  3. WOKE, ESG, DEI with military Generals teaching and requiring Critical Race Theory indoctrination throughout the ranks rather than teaching warcraft. Antisemitism in Ivy League Universities following the Oct 7th massacre. Gender politics and teachers being fired for mis-pronouning a student.
  4. Election Interference tying Trump up with indictments that will keep him off the campaign trail and drain his election coffers, clearly orchestrated by the White House and a weaponized DOJ.  I believe this interference is the last straw that many who voted for Trump in the last election and would never vote for him again have changed their mind and will once again cast a Trump vote in November as a protest vote.  I, like many who voted for Trump twice would rather vote for Niki Haley but if it comes down to Trump or Biden, the vote will go to Trump because a vote for Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris. Biden won’t last anther four years!

Bottom line, as Saffers would say, Americans are gatvol of how liberalism is dominating our lives. 



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