Must Watch: Bakkie ‘moose test’ – Hilux, Ranger, Navara, Amarok, they’re all here

Bakkie moose test: Photo Credit: Glenn Lindberg/Teknikens Värld
Photo Credit: Glenn Lindberg/Teknikens Värld

By Miles Downard

We at BizNews Motoring love the Swedes. They’re a bizarre bunch, producing some of the best drivers the world has ever seen (showcased in the likes of the World Rally Championship), while on the other hand have a motoring culture that is completely besotted with safety. Perhaps the two are in a roundabout manner related, who knows?

What I can tell you is that the country is famous for its infamous ‘moose test’. That’s where one simulates the process of avoiding a moose standing in the middle of the road while you’re barreling along at something like 60km/h. In South Africa it’s just called going to work.

This test highlights some pretty scary stuff and that’s why vehicle manufacturers hate it so much. It puts a very visually unsettling strain on their vehicles, often with dire results.

Since South African’s are bakkie-crazy, we thought this recent test by car safety inspector’s, Teknikens Värld was quite apt. More so since double cabs have become dual purpose, allowing dad to work during the week and then cart the kids around on camping adventures over the weekend (actually it’s more likely taking the kids to the local mall, but hey, dad bought the thing on the premise that he’ll become more outdoorsy).

The results are quite unfortunate for South Africa’s most loved bakkie, more here: