Ford Everest 2.0 SiT XLT 4×4: the perfect family vehicle?

Ford’s Everest is commonplace on South African roads, now in its 8th year of the current model generation. I can see why, too, given how much car you get for the money. 

The latest iteration of the Everest offers a 2.0 litre turbo charged diesel motor, in addition to the 3.2 and 2.2 litre models that were previously available. Offered in both single and biturbo options, the Everest is now more powerful than what is offered with the other two motors, and more clean and efficient. A 10 speed automatic gearbox is offered with the 2.0 litre motor.

Other small changes have been introduced to the Everest recently, too. Like Ford Keypass, which integrates the car with your mobile phone which enables the customer to remotely start/stop the car, schedule services and see other pertinent information via the Ford app. 

The car itself is as wonderful as ever. A good set of standard equipment in the XLT derivative means the Everest feels like a properly premium product. Lane keep assist, active cruise control, Apple Carplay/Android Auto to name a few. 

What you also get with the Everest XLT is 4×4 capabilities which are outstanding. It’ll crawl up the side of pretty much any mountain with relative ease, while carrying as many as 7 people. It’s a true all rounder. 

For those of you who regularly tow boats, caravans or trailers, you’ll be glad to know that the single turbo 2.0 is perfectly suited to do so. I towed my race car a few times while I had the Everest on test and it does so with ease thanks to 132kW of power and 420Nm of torque. Further peace of mind is offered for those who tow regularly as the Everest boasts Trailer Sway Control. Fuel consumption is equally impressive while towing at around 11.5l/100km. 

Priced at R724,700, the spacious, well equipped, rugged Everest XLT 4×4 is a very compelling option as an all round family SUV. 

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