Lockdown amendments: Details from the Dept. of Co-operative Governance

As of 12am on the 29th of December, South Africa is on an adjusted Level 3 lockdown to curb the second wave of the Covid-19 virus. In his address, President Cyril Ramaphosa told the nation that certain regulations pertaining to the lockdown have been amended in an effort to prevent superspreader gatherings and reckless behaviour. Ramaphosa explained that the alcohol ban is key in preventing accident and trauma related hospital admissions. The president also announced penalties of fines and, or  imprisonment for individuals who fail to wear masks in public. Admitting that the penalties are drastic, he said that they are now necessary to enforce the simplest way of curbing the spread of Covid-19. He emphasised that flattening the curve of the current wave of infections is vitally important to protect resources in the country’s struggling healthcare system. Over and above the shortage of beds and medical supplies, healthcare workers are falling ill. During the month of December 4,630 public sector health employees contracted Covid-19, bringing the total number infected since the start of the pandemic to over 41,000.  The latest covid-19 statistics show 1,011,871 identified cases and 27,071 reported deaths.- Melani Nathan

Primary changes in adjusted  Lockd0wn Level 3 Regulations

• Not wearing a mask in a public place is an offence
• The Covid-19 compliance officer role is crucial and the appointed person’s details must be posted in a prominent place
• Working from home is still a key consideration
• All beaches, dams, lakes and rivers are closed in hotspots
• All public pools are closed
• Gatherings at public parks are not permitted
• All social gatherings are prohibited for 2 weeks
• General rules for permitted gatherings is 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors subject to the 1,5m distancing
• Sale, dispensing and distribution of liquor is prohibited
• Hotspots extended and aligned with adjusted level 3 regulations.

The details of the amended regulations of Lockdown under the Disaster Management Act, as released by the Department of Co-operative Governance can be found here:

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