🔒 Premium – BNC#5: Tim Noakes uncovers medical scams, shatters misconceptions around diabetes, statins & more

After many years deliberately spent out of the public eye, Professor Tim Noakes returned to the public platform as a keynote speaker at the fifth BizNews Conference in March 2023. His presentation exceeded all expectations as he delivered hard truths about medical science failures he termed “crime scenes”. In a manner only someone capable of publicly admitting that the beliefs upon which they had built their entire careers had, in fact, been completely wrong, Noakes proceeded to fundamentally shatter longstanding and dangerously widespread misconceptions about critical topics like cholesterol, statin drugs, diabetes and nutrition. This presentation is truly a MUST-WATCH. – Nadya Swart


See timestamped topics below:

  • 00:00 Alec Hogg’s introduction of Professor Tim Noakes
  • 02:51 Tim Noakes on the reason medical science and medical scientists fail so often
  • 03:51 On authentic vs imitation scientists
  • 06:06 On the diet-heart cholesterol/statins crime scene
  • 08:00 The error in medicine of treating risk factors and not the cause
  • 09:20 The cholesterol con and truth about statins
  • 13:49 On the real pandemic today being Type 2 diabetes and obesity
  • 13:56 On his role in the Type 2 diabetes crime scene and how he was vilified for “course correcting” once he learned he had been wrong
  • 15:10 Low carbohydrate, high-fat success stories
  • 18:03 On the evidence that diabetes can be reversed
  • 19:05 On forming The Noakes Foundation and Nutrition Network
  • 20:06 On the addictive ultra-processed food crime scene
  • 20:22 The rise in obesity and diabetes since the 1977 USDGA
  • 21:45 The story about what you need to understand about nutrition
  • 22:37 Glucose response and insulin response explained
  • 24:58 On eventually developing the metabolic syndrome

Excerpts from Professor Tim Noakes’ BNC#5 presentation

Professor Tim Noakes on type 2 diabetes and obesity being the real pandemic.

No one really cares that the real pandemic today is type 2 diabetes and obesity, and that’s the crime scene. So I was part of the cause of the crime scene because I wrote Lore of Running, and then I said, “You must eat high carbohydrate diets.” And despite running all these marathons, I nevertheless developed type 2 diabetes, which fortunately is in remission. My blood glucose this morning was 5.4, which is way in the normal range. 

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And what saved my life was reading The New Atkins for a New You by three of my great friends now; Westman, Volek and Phinney. And that made me realise I got it all wrong, and I better change. It took me two hours of reading that book to say, “There’s the evidence. You can’t deny that evidence.” We then wrote The Real Meal Revolution, which caused masses of problems, and I’ll explain to you the problems it caused me. So at the time, people started writing to me, saying, “Dr Noakes, the diet’s amazing, etc.” 

On the evidence that type 2 diabetes can be reversed 

This one guy who wrote to me in July 2012 had all the problems that go with the metabolic syndrome and this disease. He had a sugar/processed food addiction, he had insulin resistance, and this had caused visceral obesity, etc., etc. And what happened? He has sorted out his sugar/food addiction and is fine now. He doesn’t eat carbs, and he looks fantastic. And I wasn’t allowed to say that this person had reversed their type 2 diabetes because you can’t reverse type 2 diabetes. That’s what my university teaches, what every university in South Africa teaches. 

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The point I would make is that imitation scientists, which these people are – it doesn’t matter that they are full professors at the University of Cape Town – they’re still imitation scientists because they never bother to investigate their certainties with even a smidgen of open-minded rigour. But I knew when I looked at the literature that it was known that a low carbohydrate diet could reverse diabetes. It had been known since the 1940s by Larry Newburgh. And he wrote an article, and he showed, and the data is clear in the article, that he reversed type 2 diabetes in 77% of the people he put on a low carbohydrate diet. 

Newburgh said these persons had not inherited an incurable disease of the tissues that produce insulin. In other words, that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with dietary intervention. And would you believe it – the American Diabetes Association last year came up with new guidelines, and they say low carbohydrate eating plans may result in improved blood glucose control. I said that in 2012 and got excommunicated from my profession to the point where I had to deregister with the Health Professions Council. But ten years later, I’m proved to be right. 

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