WORLDVIEW: SA’s drift continues; politically correct outrage trumps rationality

By Alec Hogg

South African comedian Trevor Noah famously says his homeland likes doing things it own way. When the world turns right, he offers, SA tends to head left. And true to form, it’s happening again. Political correctness is under attack everywhere in the world, citizens having tired of its obvious hypocrisy. But in SA the fires of self-righteous indignation rage stronger than ever.

Fearless former journalist turned political powerhouse Helen Zille put her foot in it yesterday by tweeting that “not everything” from the colonial era was wrong. Outrage swiftly followed. Zille quickly apologised, but the PC police were having none of it. Her one-time protégé and successor as DA leader Mmusi Maimane announced that Zille, the Western Cape Premier, has been summonsed to appear before a disciplinary committee on a crime of  “defending colonialism.” Seriously.

Even worse has been the hysterical attack on Net1. The Nasdaq-listed, Joburg-grown business operates a world class soc...

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