WORLDVIEW: Schultz discovers Ubuntu – perhaps the world is ready for Smuts’ Holism

My inbox often contains fascinating correspondence. Especially nowadays with fellow South Africans confused by a reality of abundant information with a scarcity of wisdom. Yesterday illustrated it well.

One correspondent, a white farmer, was full of angst after watching a video produced by a recent German visitor to South Africa. Her artistically beautiful but factually challenged production documented an unsuccessful attempt to earn the trust of UCT radicals. The reporter was distraught those she tried to help rebuffed her because she is white.

The flip side was the link I was sent to last week’s commencement speech at 2017 Arizona State University by Starbucks founder Howard Schultz. This boy from the projects whose business employs 300,000, devotes much of a stirring 14 and a half minutes to unpacking the spirit of Ubuntu. A concept he encountered during a first visit to South Africa last year.

It shouldn’t surprise you the one we published was Schultz’s address. The German...

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