WORLDVIEW: SA vulnerability to killer measles epidemic exposed. Nobody listening.

Most South Africans have acquired a binary position on the country’s future. Pessimists believe it is sliding to a Zimbabwe repeat. Optimists believe the 2019 election will usher in political change and a new era of prosperity. Real life is rarely so dramatic.

But as Johannesburg’s new Mayor Herman Mashaba has discovered, one can never over-estimate the effort required to rebuild after years of mismanagement. My Biznews colleague Chris Bateman reminds us of this in his timely warning of dangers SA is exposed to by its conscious neglect in healthcare. As you’ll read, the sting in this tale comes at the end.

Chris writes: “The value of comprehensive integrated planning is incalculable when it comes to disease prevention and control. SA’s dysfunctional and provincially-disjointed public health system could soon prove it’s undoing if recent measles outbreaks are any indication.

Measles is preventable via vaccination. The disease can be eliminated. Yet this year we’ve had two outbr...

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